Inserting Sample Chapter Links for Newbies on WordPress

Here’s the blog about creating WordPress links for Sample Chapter files that I mentioned in my book, How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for Free.

Let’s say I wanted to make a sample chapter of my novel available in pdf format here. So I’d write something like, “Click here for Chapter 1 of The Little Universe,” intending for that to be the spot someone could click and read that sample.

Next I’d need to upload a file of that chapter in pdf format. For newbies, the first thing to do is to place my cursor at one end of the phrase, left click and hold down as I drag the mouse across the phrase to highlight it entirely. Once it’s highlighted I can go to the Upload/Insert choices above and click the one that looks like a star to Add Media. Then it prompts me to Select Files from My Computer, which is where they are. I click on the Select Files button then search the proper destination whether it’s on my Desktop or My Documents or wherever it is, click on the right file, wait for a moment and then click the Insert Into Post button at the bottom. Then my pdf file should be available to anyone who clicks it, plus it will have its own URL assigned by WordPress that becomes a handy location for later use or on another website.

Let’s see if this works.

Click here for Chapter 1 The Little Universe – Sample PDF 1 TLU 1-4-09

Yep, it works. For further WordPress advice on this, go to the support forum at this address –

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7 Responses to “Inserting Sample Chapter Links for Newbies on WordPress”

  1. admin Says:

    thanks.. nice info

  2. campingtogether Says:

    Good job, and a greeat ebook.

    I am working on my fifth ebook, The Camping Handbook, its a series of books on all aspect of camping from the basic tent camp to the motorhome.

    Larry Cole

  3. danielriderblogs Says:

    Good stuff! Thanks for making things easier for us, Jason!

  4. Robert Says:

    Jason, you make publishing an ebook seem easy. In the past few years, I’ve researched the subject here and there but the info I got was always either way too confusing or far beyond my skill-set. Then I stumbled across your little ebook on Amazon and, bingo, its within my grasp to bublish an ebook. You did all the heavy lifting for aspiring authors who are strapped for cash. Way to go!

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