Stats after 1 day of Uploading to Ebook Retailers

24 hours have passed since uploading How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for FREE to 4 retailers, each of which provides sample views of varied length. I find it interesting to see what the process/results have been. Here they are along with the links: Within the first few hours of the ebook passing the Smashwords Meatgrinder, the device which converts a document into about ten different formats,  it had been downloaded (the sample 35% of it) by 9 people. Since then only 3 more have seen it making the total 12. The reason is clear, while it’s on the first page of the site it’s far more likely to be seen and clicked on. Once it bumps down to page 2 and beyond, clicks are less frequent. However, it did result in one sale already. Yippee. It’s still pending Smashwords review for the Premium Status, which allows it to be on sale at Barnes & Nobles and other biggies. That usually takes between 3-5 days with them but my other books were approved so shouldn’t be an issue. I hope so. In 24 hours it has been viewed by the good readers of Scribd a healthy 64 times. Cool. No sales yet but it takes awhile to read the first 35% of a book, plus I’m not sure people at Scribd like to spend 5 bucks for anything. We’ll see. Surprisingly, 114 views of the book in one day. I never would have thought so, guess this site has more viewing power than I predicted. Also, no sales yet. Yet, hopefully the operative word. As a side note: I also uploaded one of my novels, Jim’s Life, and it’s already been viewed 145 times in the same period. I would have lost money on that! It’s still not Live, meaning it hasn’t cleared their review process. I’m very anxious to have it available for sale there, so I can make some posts about where to find it. Even though it’s not Live, I believe this is the link for it –, should be Live sometime today so I’ll surely be checking in.

So far, has been the biggest surprise. Smashwords has recorded the first sale, yes! On the flip side, it’s been a tad of a disappointment in view numbers though they provide an invaluable service for multiple conversions and distribution to other retailers.

Interesting process, that’s for sure. I’ll continue with updates if they seem worthy.

2 Responses to “Stats after 1 day of Uploading to Ebook Retailers”

  1. Ebook Resell Tips Says:

    Super cool resources for selling ebooks online. Thanks for the tips, I will pass it on to my readers!


  2. Jason Matthews Says:

    Thanks, Dawn. Your site looks like a similar thread, so I’ll also refer you.

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