2Epub, great Conversion tool from Word Doc to Epub, Mobi, LRF

This conversion tool by 2epub is awesome. I use it to turn my Word .doc into .epub, .mobi and even .lrf formats to be read on those wonderful devices that are taking over the reading world. There’s no download required and it’s quick, giving you the files right at the site with no need for submitting an email address and waiting for the conversion to arrive. Here’s the link for 2epub –http://www.2epub.com/

Just another handy tip you’ll find in this book.

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2 Responses to “2Epub, great Conversion tool from Word Doc to Epub, Mobi, LRF”

  1. 2epub, Market Ebooks, Cosmic Force, How and Why I Get On Google Front Page « How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for Free Says:

    […] with titles, categories and tags on the subject especially if there is no competition. See the blog post on 2epub I […]

  2. ice ice baby??? Says:

    what’d be even MORE more useful is a tool that goes BACK to .doc or .rtf

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