CreateSpace Comes Through Again with The Little Universe

I just love CreateSpace. Can you believe it’s free to produce and publish a book with them? Perfect for Do-It-Yourself types. Granted, I have to pay for one proof to be made and shipped to me, then approve that before it goes live (for sale), but that’s it. In fact the proof only costs $9 including the shipping. That’s less than if I had gone to my local printing store and had a copy of my manuscript made. Insane! Making a book is cheaper than printing a copy?

Not only that but CreateSpace makes a webpage for my physical book and also Amazon makes a webpage for sales, and I get a decent percentage of the profits. You really can’t beat it when it comes to POD (print on demand) publishing.

Of course both of those ebooks are still for sale at Amazon for free as well. Man, I love doing this stuff for free.

Want to know more about it? Just comment here or contact me at one of my websites.

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One Response to “CreateSpace Comes Through Again with The Little Universe”

  1. Jana Matthews Says:

    Jason, thanks for all the great tips! Looking forward to completing my book so I can try it out!

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