Add YouTube Channel Videos to Your Site Easy

I’m happy to see how easy Google has made it to add YouTube Channels to a website. Not just a single video (as below) but a whole strip of them. Below is an excerpt from my new book, How to Make Your Own Free Website, that is coming out Sept 20th. The Google link is: YouTube videos

To insert YouTube Channels or videos on your site, they can either be done as individual HTML code widgets or as a strip of videos the users can choose from. These can be strictly from your channel, someone else’s, or they can be the most viewed, top rated, top news or recently featured. They can be presented horizontally or vertically. Just follow Google’s prompts and copy and paste the HTML code on your site.

Now, unfortunately makes this difficult as it’s anti-JavaScript and allows only single videos at a time such as this:

But for those who want to see the strip example, just scroll down the homepage of my new site that is still in construction,

And for those interested in learning how to make your own free website, the book comes out Sept 20th as do the example websites: and If you visit now you’ll notice the websites are currently in construction, but they will be ready soon.

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  1. thegriff Says:

    how much time ot required for you to write this good article ?

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