2epub, Market Ebooks, Cosmic Force, How and Why I Get On Google Front Page

Below is a random and partial list. If you haven’t already read the title, see if you can guess what the following words and phrases have in common:


market ebooks

cosmic force

Little Universe

Jason Matthews

spiritual fiction

metaphysical novels

sample prologue

Can you guess? The answer is… as of today they’re all keywords or keyword phrases that let me get on Google, on Google front page that is. Okay, so this whole post is like a big self-inflicted pat on the back? Nope, well, not entirely.

This is really important to understand for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes because some of these terms I hardly ever use or type into the body of my posts or pages, so how did some of these get me on page one Google? And, conversely, why are some of the terms I’m plugging incessantly, like “sell ebooks,” not showing up nearly as high as I’d like. Please bear with me through a brief explanation of each term; you and I will both learn a lot about the process and results of SEO efforts and non-efforts. (Note; what follows are stats for Google’s search engine, not Yahoo, Bing or other. Also note that my websites and blogs do not currently receive high traffic, so these results or better are easily attainable by anyone.)

2epub- I’ve made just a couple of blog posts about this software which freely converts MS Word into other formats like epub and mobi. I also put categories and tags on the posts for 2epub and 2epub.com. That’s it. So why does my site come up Google front page in a search? I guess that’s the power of a decent article on a subject few people write about with no competition yet 2,400 monthly global searches occurring. In fact, a few comments have been made by people who said they found me through that search term. Okay, nice to know, and the lesson is it pays to write posts with titles, categories and tags on the subject especially if there is no competition. See the blog post on 2epub I made.

market ebooks- Because I teach how to make, market and sell ebooks, this isn’t a shock. However, I’ve spent way more effort into the keywords “sell ebooks,” and those words run through the title consecutively. In fact, I rarely use the term “market ebooks” in my categories and tags or in the body of a post but I do for sell ebooks. I do use “market ebook” in my meta keywords, but Google claims it doesn’t use that anymore as a factor so what gives? Don’t know why I’m on Google first page for that, considering it has average competition from others and a healthy 2,900 people searching that term each month. The lesson: it’s partly a mystery but maybe metatag keywords still count. Amazon link for that book.

cosmic force- It’s an older website (3 years old) where I thought a cool name for it would be Cosmic Force Productions and so that’s the URL. Never do I discuss what a cosmic force is or use that term as a keyword marketing myself as an author and the genre of my books. Surprisingly, that term gets searched 2,400 times per month and (not surprisingly) has no competition. The lesson is this; simply by having the term “cosmic force” in the URL my site comes up either on Google page one or near the top of page two (seems to change daily). If I added text with that term and metatags in the description, it would possibly come up in the first few entries. That cosmic force example.

Little Universe- This was expected because I purposely market these keywords. I wrote a novel called The Little Universe and have a site at http://www.thelittleuniverse.com and also use it as text many times in the body of the sites themselves, blog posts, comments, meta description and tags, you name it. My website and Amazon book are on Google page one, and fortunately, 2,900 people search this term each month with almost no competition. How long have I had that website? Less than a year. Not bad at all.

Jason Matthews- same as above, I make an effort to brand myself. It’s not easy because there are over 700 people in the USA alone with the name, “Jason Matthews,” and one of them is a popular singer with a couple of albums, YouTube Videos, etc which takes a lot of internet space. Plus he’s been around longer, and search engines like that. Time helps.  There’s also a professional soccer player, some other guys and me. But I’m happy to know that 2,900 monthly searches happen with low competition, and I believe some searches are specifically for me. Cool. My Blogger blog that I’ve had for a couple of years is the best result, and I have my name in the blog title, usually in labels under blog posts and sometimes in a post itself. So all of those clearly matter in a keyword phrase that has at least a decent amount of competition. If I can make Google front page, you can too, Lisa Johnson.

spiritual fiction- This term I’ve actively marketed with the title of my blog, meta description and tags, and text within my web pages. However, this was a huge mistake. I learned too late that it only gets searched about 480 times per month, not nearly the amount that spiritual books gets at 14,800. Knowing what I know now, I should have marketed spiritual books all this time and perhaps have already made the first page for that. (I’ve recently changed some things but SEO takes time.) See that spiritual fiction example. Lesson learned; do your homework first so when you start marketing, you’ve got smart terms! (I wrote a past post on that Easy Homework also.)

metaphysical novels- I hardly ever used this term, just added it recently to one website title and to some meta description and tags. Lo and behold, that stuff really works even though this term has some competition, low to average. Only 140 people per month search this term, but at least I’m on Google front page and the term describes my novels. As said above, spiritual books would have been infinitely smarter. That example here.

sample prologue- this is somewhat wacky since I never even realized I used this term but did for people to read samples of the first few chapters of my novels including a sample prologue. Only 58 searches per month and barely any competition, so it’s nothing to get excited about but good to note that it lands me on Google page one. The lesson is; even certain terms within a page can get on Google and to page one, especially with low competition. See that example here.

What did we learn? That any combination of SEO efforts can get you on Google page one by using the keywords in the URL itself, the page title, the meta description and meta keywords, the categories/labels/tags, the actual text within a page or post or all of the above. And it doesn’t have to take a long time or cost a lot of money. In my case it took anywhere from a few weeks to several months and cost nothing because I’m too cheap to spend for SEO.

Notice the examples within this one blog post. Look at the title, the tags, the categories, the text, the words in bold. All of these things help with SEO.

In a coming post I’ll be talking more about using the Keyword Tool External which helps us makes sense of all this, so please check back or subscribe to this blog for updates. For those interested, check out either of my books that teach how to sell ebooks and how to make your own free website.

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