Where WordPress Beats Blogger, One Category You Can’t Dismiss

I go back and forth on whether WordPress.com or Blogger.com is the better place for free blog hosting. Certainly each of them have pros and cons, and it’s true that there are several things I prefer about Blogger. From a recent post I made on this subject: Common opinions are that WordPress doesn’t allow JavaScript or AdSense… Blogger is owned by Google which could boot you if they don’t like the content… WordPress has a better forum… Blogger is easier to use… the arguments go on and on.

The post went on to discuss how Blogger has added statistic monitoring back in July of 2010. This was an area that WordPress used to have entirely on Blogger, but no longer. Although now that I’ve had a few months to really delve into the stats from both blogs, I’ve discovered something of monumental importance.

For my blogs, WordPress is much better with SEO (search engine optimization), and it’s not even close!

Here’s a bit of background. I have two blogs, one with WordPress and one with Blogger. I’ve had the shorter-named, custom domain Blogger one (thebigbangauthor.com) since 2005 but didn’t get into a steady habit until Feb. 2008, so approximately 3 years of regular blogging there and 110 posts. My WordPress blog is a long and non-custom domain (ebooksuccess4free.wordpress.com) that I’ve only had since Feb. 2010 for about 10 months and 55 posts. Some posts I actually repeat on each blog while other posts are markedly different. I try to maintain them equally about once or twice a week, and I always do similar methods of SEO efforts like labels, categories, tags, alt image text, link building and so on. I truly love them both like two great pets.

When I analyze the results of the search engine traffic, which obviously means how absolute strangers found my posts through search engines, it’s amazing how many more visitors arrive at my WordPress blog than at Blogger.

For example, on one of the posts that I repeated at both locations, a Google search for the term “2epub” has led just 8 visitors to Blogger over 5 months, while that same term led 97 visitors to WordPress in just 3 months.

On Blogger, only 10 main search terms have produced 2 or more visitors in the past 5 months. At WordPress, over 50 search terms have sent 2 or more visitors to it. I also check these search terms to see if my blogs really come up on the first page of Google, and they do.

When I analyze individual keywords and phrases that land one of my sites on the Google front page, it’s not even close. My WordPress blog is head and shoulders better in this regard. No wonder it gets consistently better traffic by nearly three times, even though I promote them about the same. And that’s why we blog, isn’t it: to get traffic?

Blogger, I love you, especially for the joy of JavaScript gadgets. But just as some dogs are better at fetching while others are better at guarding the house, WordPress is the kind of dog that’s better at showing up on the Google front page.

You know the strange part? Blogger is owned by Google, but WordPress works better in a search. Weird.

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2 Responses to “Where WordPress Beats Blogger, One Category You Can’t Dismiss”

  1. wmikeallen Says:

    I just finished your eBook — How to Make Market & Sell EBooks. Lots of great content which I have found very useful. Wish it had more on TOC and HTML links.

    My first eBook is currently off to the editor hope to publish soon. So far have a blog going, vist me at: http://success21stcentury.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/hello-world/#comments

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