Google Books, Google Ebooks Update

I’m excited to sell ebooks through Google’s platform but still scratching my head. 5 days ago I uploaded 4 of my ebooks (in pdf and epub formats) through their partner program. As of today only one is actually live and the rest are still “processing.” Weird, right? With Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, etc the processing takes just a minute or two.

I emailed support and was told:

It takes around two weeks for us to process and display an uploaded book on Google Books. Note that getting books live requires a number of steps, such as performing optical character recognition (OCR) on pages, as well as analyzing the quality of scans or PDFs.

Two weeks? Sheesh. Talk about anticipation. For the one book of mine that is live, the results remind me of how Scribd displays things, where a viewer can scroll a select percentage and decide whether to purchase. Click on the above links to see the similarities.

There are a couple of nice touches that I haven’t seen before. Google reports if the book has been previewed and how many pages were read. I don’t know if that means actually read or just scrolled all the way to the end at light-speed, but it is a nice stat. Additionally, Google provides the links to buy the book from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, my own websites and more, which is very unique. Makes me think Google cares more about sharing content and less about beating the competition. Impressive.

More results in time.

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