Google Ebookstore, Bugs a plenty

Google Ebookstore logoIt’s been 6 weeks since I uploaded most of my books to the Google Ebookstore. While it’s nice to have another venue to sell ebooks from, so far this has been the least user-friendly and most bug-filled retailer. Though I still have confidence that the king of search (and just about everything online) will get its act together, here is a list of issues encountered so far:

  • My books don’t come up with an exact title or author search. This is a serious concern. For instance, go to and type into the search box How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free (copy and paste makes that easy) or Jason Matthews. If the experience is the same as mine, you won’t find my books listed. Yep, that’s bad. I know the book truly exists there because one reader fortunately purchased a copy and the link is here –
  • One of my titles has been “processing” for 6 weeks. I’ve given up on it going through and would have deleted it and tried again, but instead would rather watch this spectacle and see how long it continues. The other books “processed” between two days and two weeks. Really? Why so long?
  • Support is virtually non-existent. I’ve sent a few emails explaining the situation without complaining and have only received one quasi-reasonable reply a week later. The others were either not answered or replied in a way that demonstrated they didn’t understand the above two points. Long story short, they don’t appear to care at support.
  • The entire way they handle uploading is about twice as difficult as anywhere else. Why did they make it tricky, especially when others have set examples of how to do it easy? No need to reinvent the wheel, Stanford grads. Go upload your Dilbert collections to Amazon or Smashwords and see how streamlined the experience can be.

So far the Google Ebookstore receives a grade of “D plus,” but I still have hopes they can turn it around. One small thing I really do like is the 2 bucks in ad revenue I’ve made (woo-hoo) even though my books can’t be found. Just imagine the possibilities once the bugs are crushed.

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Update Jan. 20th – some (not all) of my books are showing up with a search now, even though they didn’t for weeks. Okay, that’s a little better.

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2 Responses to “Google Ebookstore, Bugs a plenty”

  1. Maria Elizabeth Romana Says:

    Hi Jason,

    It was interesting to read about your experiences with Google eBooks–interesting and gratifying to know it’s not just me! I concur with everything you’ve said and more. How is it that the King of All Things Internet cannot get a relatively simple process a little more streamlined? I realize they were probably rushing to market, but even B&N, who were clearly doing just that, did a better job of it.

    Keep us posted on your progress!


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