The Indie Spot, New Forum for Independent Writers

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The Indie Spot is a new forum dedicated to independent writers, authors and readers. It gives them all a place to convene, network, promote their work and chat about anything related to writing, reading and self-publishing in the digital age. The forum is the creation of Jen P. (for privacy), a writer herself, an avid Kindle reader and supporter of independents. Jen lives in South Texas and stays busy with two young kids when she isn’t working on her novel or networking with authors.

I asked Jen her motivation for creating The Indie Spot. She said, “I see indies as the underdogs so I’ve supported them from the moment I discovered them. That support was only further solidified by my interactions with most of them on the Kindle forum, most notably, Susanne O’Leary, and Imogen Rose. Having access to real, live authors was a thrill for me… I’ve always held authors up on a pedestal, because I’ve always loved reading, loved the imagination it took to write and the guts it took to carry that on and publish.”

But Amazon Kindle has an established forum; why not just let them promote there? “I saw that Amazon was cracking down on author promotion posts; I felt I had to do something. I run another online forum that’s moderately successful, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt anything to try. I’m glad I did and that the reception has been so warm. There is very much a hole in the online world as far as support and interaction with authors, and I’m happy that our little corner can help fill it.”

General rules and info from The Indie Spot site:

1. Each author can have one thread per book in our Book Intros area. You can bump that up once a day, more if you have new information to present. We have very general sub categories that you may use IN ADDITION to your post in our Book Intro forum. We recommend that you use both, but it’s completely up to you.

2. Right now, there are no word filters. You guys are adults, and will be treated as such. If it becomes an issue, we will reevaluate.

3. Please list all giveaways on our Giveaway board. You can list deals either in the book thread, or on our Deal board. Our Giveaway guidelines can be found here:

4. The *one* thing that will not be tolerated is spamming our users via e-mail. We think we’re fostering a good, open community here for both writers and readers, so email solicitation isn’t necessary. Doing so will result in a temporary ban, at minimum.

5. Be nice! :)

6. We do not promote the use of torrent sites or piracy. If you post a link to one, it will be removed.

7. Authors, we have no signature rules right now. Add as many links as you like, but be open to feedback.

Jen is right; the need has existed for a while since Amazon Kindle’s forum can be a risky place for an indie author promoting her/his books. It must be done with proper protocol because you don’t want to risk being considered a spammer. Additionally, Kindle readers are constantly complaining about more methods of separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to indies.

I, for one, am extremely happy to see this new forum. Check it out if you’re a writer looking to network or if you’re a reader wanting to meet some new talent.

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2 Responses to “The Indie Spot, New Forum for Independent Writers”

  1. susannefromsweden Says:

    Thank you, Jen. Your fourm is fantastic and such a success already.

    Susanne x

  2. Gaston Cavalleri Says:

    The idea is good. I’ll follow and see how it goes. Yes it’s true the Amazon forums are chockablock full of promos that you begin to gaze past. Fingers crossed for your blog.


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