XinXii for Indie Authors to Publish-Sell Ebooks

XinXii logoXinXii is a German outfit that promotes Indie authors and helps them sell ebooks. What exactly is it? From their website:

XinXii is Europe’s leading online marketplace for all kind of written works. The platform empowers everyone to market his works in his own XinXii eStore: At XinXii, every author can upload and sell his texts, documents or books (ebook or audiobook version) on the web – that means any kind of written works such as recipes and manuals to novels, Diploma Theses or Excel spreadsheets.

XinXii acts as most other ebook stores, allowing authors to upload and sell through them while they handle the transactions and take a fairly standard cut of the sale. They give 70% royalties to authors with books priced at $2.49 and above, 40% for those priced between the minimum $1.49 to $2.48. They also accept all the major file type formats for upload like pdf, word doc, rich text, epub and many more, but they don’t make conversions as outfits like Smashwords.

Of course, the company does not currently produce an e-reading device, like a Kindle/Nook/iPad etc, so sales here could be slow. But in my experience, the more places to promote your written words, the better. Sometimes a reader will sample a book at a place like this, Scribd, YouPublish, etc, and then buy the actual ebook at their preferred retailer. And sometimes they buy from the venue where it was found.

I’ve just uploaded 5 of my own titles which can be seen at my XinXii author page (which I could only find with a site search, could be my newbie error). I found the upload process to be very simple and professional. Actually, it seems like a great company. Will my ebooks sell there? Not sure. If any readers have experiences with this company, please leave a comment.

By the way, don’t ask me how to pronounce it. Like Zin-Zee, perhaps?

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2 Responses to “XinXii for Indie Authors to Publish-Sell Ebooks”

  1. Dorte H Says:

    Good luck to you!

    I have also discovered XinXii recently and uploaded two books (and even sold a couple of my Danish version). I don´t think I´ll sell as much there as via Smashwords, but XinXii in English is quite a new venture so I am willing to give this European platform a chance. They also seem willing to listen to suggestions from authors so given time, they may become as flexible as Smashwords.

    Dorte Hummelshoj, writer of crime (flash fiction).

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