Amazon.DE for German Kindle

german people waving is the latest and greatest Amazon addition for a German Kindle Store, and the people of the great country are clearly uber-excited about it. There are over 650,000 titles to choose from, 25,000 of which are in German (so  assumedly that means the vast majority of the rest are in English). Any author already signed up for Amazon US or UK is automatically eligible for sales in the German store. In fact, think this is probably a given that requires no special attention from the authors, as this is the page for one of my titles. This morning there was an additonal Amazon store reporting sales for my books which made me think, “What the heck is DE?” Now it’s clear. Ja, ser gut. Sell ebooks in Germany!

Are the Germans big Kindle readers? Hope so, we’ll find out soon enough. Are my titles translated? Not yet, in fact the book descriptions aren’t even translated. Just the sections like “Product Description” becomes “Produktbeschreibungen” and “About the Author” becomes “Mehr über den Autor.” Yes, my author profile will have to be updated again, as it was in the UK. (Why doesn’t Amazon just sync these things together along with tags and reviews? Annoying, but oh well, they still sell a lot of books for me.) From the news reports Amazon also has their apps for the iPad, PC, Mac and Android devices in German versions.

What’s next? Probably more and more countries, but what would really be great is if Amazon figured out an excellent translation device that could automatically translate our best selling masterpieces to any language on Earth. Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Hindi and more.

What are your thoughts?

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