1500 Authors, Another Step for E-publishing and Indie Authors

1500 authorsMarti Talbott, indie author, e-publishing enthusiast and regular at Amazon’s Meet Our Authors forum has started a new website for indie writers to promote both Amazon and Barnes & Noble ebooks and paperbacks. It’s called 1500 Authors and is quickly compiling a list of excellent, new and talented writers. For anyone interested in submitting books, you can choose up to 3 titles. The submission process is quite simple. For readers, it’s also a great place to discover upcoming and talented writers where you can search by genre. Here’s the website – https://sites.google.com/site/1500authors/home

Visit the site today and you’ll see this message;

Welcome to 1500 Authors.com

The books on this website are written by Independent Authors. An Independent Author chooses not to submit their books to publishers because…well, they can make more money without them.

That is fortunately true, however, sometimes it’s also because they’ve tried and haven’t been able to get publishers to look at manuscripts. Even fantastic books typically don’t get picked up by traditional publishing houses because, with millions of writers submitting, there just isn’t room for everyone in traditional publishing houses. Thank goodness for e-publishing because e-publishing has enabled and empowered indie authors like Marti, myself and countless others with great messages to share.

Whether you’re a reader, an author or both, please visit 1500 Authors and see what’s new to read. Enjoy.

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4 Responses to “1500 Authors, Another Step for E-publishing and Indie Authors”

  1. christopherdavidpetersen Says:

    …and yet, another great post. I immediately clicked over and registered my books. Thanks for the info.

    Christopher David Petersen

  2. giblicom Says:

    You can also offer support to business es by selling ebooks and e-reports on http://www.gibli.com

  3. Jason A. Beineke Says:

    Nabakov’s Lolita was rejected, rejected, rejected. All of Ayn Rand’s books were regularly rejected. In fact, the number of great/famous books that were rejected repeatedly is pretty long so there is definitely desire on the part of authors to say the heck with it and forge on alone. I also was rejected by quite a number of agents out of hand, yet I’m getting pretty good reviews of my books. So, sick and tired begging at closed doors I opened my own šŸ™‚ So far it has definitely increased my horizons and really brought me into the indie (and not so indie) author community!

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