Red Moon Chronicle for Indie Author Interviews

Red Moon Chronicle is a terrific new blog dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy books, and to the creative minds of upcoming Indie authors. The site typically has an Indie interview every day of the week. The blog is run by Wayne Gerard Trotman, British author of Veterans of the Psychic Wars. Wayne is a multi-talented individual; he’s also an actor/director/filmmaker, photographer and composer of electronic music, much of which is on display in his film, Ashes to Ashes.

What’s great about Red Moon Chronicle is the fact that it’s relatively new, but because Wayne is so proficient at generating new Indie author interviews daily, the site is growing quickly. I just had the pleasure of having an interview published by Red Moon Chronicle, which focuses on my first novel, The Little Universe.

For other Indie writers looking to branch out with good exposure and to make quality connections, you can reach Wayne through his website.

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2 Responses to “Red Moon Chronicle for Indie Author Interviews”

  1. Sarah R. Yoffa Says:

    Jason, thanks for this tip! I’d never heard of Red Moon and will have to post news of this place to the Yahoo! group where a lot of Baen Books (the #2 SF/F publisher, right after sister company Tor/Forge) writer-fans congregate. Some fo them have recently gone through an Australian publisher to get “indie” distribution that way and they’re always looking for more ways to get exposure. This sounds like a great idea for the whole group of them!

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