KDP Amazon Facebook, A Group Indie Authors “Like”

The world of e-publishing and social media just got a tiny bit more connected.

Amazon KDP Kindle Direct PublishingKDP Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing) now has a Facebook page. Actually its been there for 4 weeks, but they just informed me the BIG news yesterday. (Dogs and cats have Facebook pages, so it’s a tad surprising it took KDP Amazon until July 2011 but still a good thing.) From their newsletter:

Recently, Kindle Direct Publishing launched a Facebook page to help independent authors and publishers become more successful with helpful tips and news about KDP. Help us get the conversation started on the right foot and spread the word to your friends by commenting on the Wall of clicking “Like” on the page. http://www.facebook.com/KindleDirectPublishing

What you can do if you’re an Indie author trying to sell ebooks, is regularly visit this KDP Amazon Facebook page and participate on their wall. This is the link for the most recent comments – http://www.facebook.com/KindleDirectPublishing?sk=wall&filter=1. Share comments, leave links, talk about your books, crack jokes, make friends and have fun with it. Many people already spend an hour per day at the site. Might as well make it business time.

Share your thoughts or comments?

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6 Responses to “KDP Amazon Facebook, A Group Indie Authors “Like””

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks, Jason, that’s a useful page to know about.

  2. taureanw Says:

    Sweet, I’ll have to check it out!

  3. WilliamStephen Taylor Says:

    Smashwords does a better job than amazon (amateur) e-book seller.

    How come amazon doesn’t have a list of authors with their genres and book titles?

    Smashwords does.

    Okay, so Smashwords demands you have a book cover with the title and author name.

    No problem. For $9.95 you can print and download covers like that at . You can even use your own cover.

    Amazon doesn’t care about it’s authors. Books and e-books play only a small part of their product line.

    Are you one of the 100% on facebook? No! Then see Garalt Canton and read his posts.

  4. WilliamStephen Taylor Says:

    As for the e-covers, see me on facebook for the link.

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