Monthly Indie Author’s Thread at Amazon Kindle Forum

indie authorEvery month Indie authors who want to sell ebooks have a place in Amazon forum threads dedicated just for them to share blurbs/links about their ebooks with perspective readers. This e-publishing solution happens at both (USA) and (United Kingdom).

The thread in the US is run by Blue Goddess, the handle of a long-time forum participant. It’s done in memory to a passed and well-known/loved supporter of Indies named dog (case sensitive as his handle was). An example of the past month’s US thread:

In memory and in honor of our beloved forum member, dog, I am starting the Indie Author’s Thread for July, 2011. *raises a glass to the heavens, and toasts dog* Thank you, dog, and everyone who is now, or has ever served in the military.

For those of you who do not know, dog was a beloved forum member who was taken from us much too soon. He was a supporter of indie authors, good will towards each other, peaceful communication, and good humor. dog could stop a thread from turning ugly with a wily joke or an impassioned statement.

dog was the originator of the monthly Indie Author’s thread. When he passed, I merely picked up where he left off, to keep his memory, and the tradition alive. While we no longer need a “safe haven” for the authors, I think it is important to remember dog, and to give each month a fresh start for new kindle owners.

You can read more about dog at the thread below. Fellow forum member, Corky, has put together a fantastic list of dog’s greatest hits.

Please note that dog’s posts now say they were made by Selena, as his daughter took over his account when he passed. Here is the thread she started on that fateful day –

Readers…enjoy the wonderful books you find here! Authors, good luck!

And then the Indies begin posting blurbs with links to make readers aware of their work and hopefully sell ebooks on Amazon. This is the example of the thread from Sept, 2011.

Amazon UK has adopted a similar thread. Their September example can be seen here.

(Updated for Sept-Oct) Since September is almost up, the October thread should be coming out right around Sept. 30th or Oct. 1st at both locales. Good chance to get your Kindle/paperbacks in front of browsers. Look for it in the US at the Meet Our Authors forum and in the UK at the main Kindle forum.

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