Indies, Any Luck With YouPublish?

youpublishHas anyone done any business lately with early e-publishing pioneer YouPublish? They provide space to freely upload any type of digital file for sharing and/or selling, not just written material but audio, video and photos as well. They also designate a URL within YouPublish, unique for each user, which is all pretty cool. This was the online ebook retailer where my novel, The Little Universe, was christened, originally uploaded way, way back in May of 2008. It was run by Mark Victor Hansen (and likely still is). The motto at the site is, “the easiest place on the web to share and sell your digital files.” Yeah,definitely pretty easy to share, but not so sure about the selling part.

Back in the day, they used to keep 50% of any sale, which seemed like a lot especially for a company that doesn’t provide an e-reading device. Over the years my novel has managed to sell one meager copy, but it was to a terrific guy, Ron Britton, an author himself, and we’ve become online friends since. However, since my novel just sold a whopping one copy and my other books have only sold two more, YouPublish has been deemed (by me) to be a fine place for freebies (like Scribd) but not a serious place for Indie authors to sell ebooks.

This is JMO, but the strategy which makes sense is at this type of place is to upload anything you want to give away for free. This can be a 30% sample of the document you’re selling elsewhere along with hyperlinks at the end so readers can find the major e-publishing retailers, like Amazon/Smashwords/Barnes&Noble, to purchase the entire work or so they can just find more of your writing.

You can also upload entire freebies just to get a reader base going or to hopefully sell happy readers on your sequels. The most important reminder is to include hyperlinks at the end of any document.

If anyone has had success publishing (selling) there, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Indies, Any Luck With YouPublish?”

  1. Ron Britton Says:

    Hi Jason,

    I tried a few things on YouPublish and like you had very little results in terms of selling anything. However it does seem to be a good place to gain some exposure with free material.

    -Ron Britton-

    P.S. Thanks for the mention! To everyone else, if you have not read The Little Universe you must. Fantastic read! Oh and Jim’s life is must read too.

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