Beginner Internet Business Podcast Show, a Wealth of Info

Beginner Internet Business Podcast ShowThe Beginner Internet Business Podcast Show is a warehouse of information related to all things internet and podcast. Everyone is familiar with the internet, but “podcast” can be one of those foreign or fuzzy terms to some (even me). My basic understanding is that it’s a combination of words, “broadcast” and “iPod,” a syndicated webcast anyone can subscribe and listen to live on the site or download (even without an iPod).

The important thing to understand for Indie authors and others, is that it’s a great place to learn about some of those other fuzzy internet terms or just discover new info and keep up to date on certain subjects. A small list of podcast “shows” you’ll find at the BIB site covers topics like creating DVD’s for sale, affiliate marketing, interviews with all types of writers,  podcasting tips, SEO tips, retirement plans, and even a show on How to Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free. Imagine that.

BIB is run by Jonathan Taylor and Russell Portwood. From their website:

Jonathan Taylor has done marketing consulting work for years and has helped numerous small, medium and large businesses establish and implement successful marketing plans. He is the organizer of two Knoxville TN MeetUp groups:
Knoxville Small Business Marketing Group and
The Internet Marketing For Beginners Meetup

Russell Portwood has been active in internet marketing since the 90′s. (Long ago in internet time!) His expertise ranges from information sites and sales of digital goods to complete catalog sites and physical item marketing. He originated Internet Marketing Toolz and the popular Internet Marketing Newz site

Give them a check and discover valuable knowledge from other experts. And if you’re an expert on any of these subjects, they might be interested in using you as a guest, which is both a good time and great publicity. They also have a Facebook Group –

Click here for the home page of How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free.
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