Amazon Kindle Indie Books, Good for Readers and Indie Authors

indie booksAmazon Kindle Indie Books has just been released, a place for the mega ebook seller to showcase its independent authors. From their website; The Kindle Indie Bookstore on is a convenient way for readers to explore and browse for top selling, popular and high quality books from independent authors and publishers who publish using KDP.

Amazon is truly an Indie’s best friend (along with Smashwords), as the super-store always has and likely always will make efforts to assist the small press and publishers in what’s very much a win-win situation. Royalties are great for authors and Amazon makes money too. However, not just any ebook will make the grade. The likelihood of appearing within the Kindle Indie Bookstore is higher for highly rated, popular and top selling books.

Interested in becoming a featured author? Unfortunately it’s not something you can apply for but must be hand-picked by the editorial staff. Obviously, they’re choosing books that are already selling well.

One thing giving any self-published ebook a better shot is the regular updates for this list. Sounds like Amazon plans to continually change things around, get new titles in and out, and honestly give every deserving ebook a plug. [The] Bookstore page [is] updated hourly. Books that are featured in the top KDP genres are updated in real-time. So perhaps if a book can sell a ton of copies in one day, it can make the cut? Maybe.

Amazon talks about 7 categories listed, however, they only specify Mysteries, Thrillers, Fantastic Worlds, Epic Adventures, Customers’ Top Rated Indie Books, and Indie Popular New Releases. (That’s 6, right? Why don’t they just list them?) Writers of categories like Erotica and Apocalyptic might have to hold on awhile for this to grow. We chose seven categories that our Kindle readers look at frequently. Periodically we will review our top selling categories and add to the Kindle Indie Bookstore so that readers can enjoy more variety of great indie books.

As of now, the new page probably assists far more readers than independent authors. But it does progress the trendiness of the term, which is always a good thing. It also gives more book club options and should spark a greater amount of gatekeepers for the diamonds in the rough.

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