Kindle Boards, Amazon’s other Ebook Forum

kindle boardsSince yesterday’s post discussed making use of Nook boards for networking with more Barnes & Noble Nook readers, it seems fitting to allow equal time for Kindle boards and connecting with Amazon Kindle readers.

The two forums are actually quite similar, though Kindle boards has more users. During my check this morning, there were 1012 guests and 325 active users (registered) during the past 90 minutes. Nook boards had approximately 310 guests and only 13 active users in the same time frame, so not really close. What’s most interesting is the roughly 3 to 1 ratio for unregistered guests and the 25 to 1 ratio for active users. Very odd.

At Kindle boards, like the other, you’ll find a similar design with about 20 topics each with multiple sub-threads. The topics are basically the same as those at Nook boards, discussing the Kindle itself, accessories, recommended ebooks, author sections, introductions and more.

Indie authors will want to post intros, blurbs, links to their ebooks in the Book Bazaar section as well as the Introductions and Welcomes. They may also want to hang out in the Book Corner, a section dedicated to reader discussions, book reviews, recommendations and new discoveries. In my experience, authors who participate in group discussions make more friends and find readers interested in checking out their books, compared to authors who only promote.

The Forum Announcements & Tips thread is the best place to learn how to do things like post your book covers and URL links into your signatures when posting. It will direct you to things such as the Link Maker, which will be handy for creating text and image links for your ebooks at Amazon.

Perhaps the oddest thing is the fact that the Kindle boards blog hasn’t been updated in over 18 months, since February of 2010. Maybe it’s a glitch but that just seems weird.

As always, would love to hear any comments, advice or recommendations on these places.

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