Independent Authors and Writers,

independent writers and authors iauthors.orgIndependent Authors and Writers (or is an online book-source run by Indie authors for ebooks and paperbacks. It’s also quite new, just built in July of 2011. What makes this place interesting is that the content is uploaded by the participants (wiki style), which makes it a perfect resource for authors without websites and those who simply want more exposure.

This is from their website;

We welcome Authors and Writers of all genre, as well as avid readers; or simply readers that are looking for different and fresh books and novels to read from the web.

Simply sign up, sign in, write your pages and upload your pictures!  We love to see you link to anywhere that supports your work, link your page to other websites and use inbound links from other sites to your author pages.  Mostly we encourage a link out to places where readers can buy your books and novels.  You may links to friends, anywhere you choose to share!

This site is for you, the author.  We provide the ability to create an author category that you can call “all your own”.  This Author category can include a page for each book you write and no limit on the number of books.  Authors can even create a page named author blog, so you have a place to talk to your peers, readers, or simply show where readers can find your blog if you have one already.

It’s a pretty good deal (also free of cost), especially for a writer without a website. The first post must be approved by an administrator, and after that all posts go online in live time. If you’re an Indie wanting to participate, visit the Author’s How To page – and follow the instructions. Since it’s a blog, those who are familiar with WordPress will take to it a bit quicker.

One of my books was just added so we’ll see how long it takes to be approved. If all goes well, my other books will be added soon. This is the initial URL showing for it, but that may change after approval –

Home page of How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks.
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4 Responses to “Independent Authors and Writers,”

  1. Steve Challis Says:

    I see that your book is already showing.
    This site looks as if it is a good one that may become important in the future although it was started less than 2 months ago and it is too early to be sure how important it will become. I will certainly be using it.

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      I agree with that, Steve. There are many of these sites popping up. It will be interesting to see which ones make it and which don’t, but in the meantime it makes sense to have a presence at all of them.

  2. K. A. Jordan Says:

    Interesting – they are a ‘G’ rated site. Which is good, but both my books are PG13.

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