eFiction, Discover the Best Indie Authors

eFictioneFiction is an online fiction magazine established by editor, Doug Lance.  The monthly e-publishing site strives to promote the best new fiction by Indie authors, largely undiscovered by the general reading public. It’s been happening each month since May 2010 and is also free. Downloads of the ezine can be in PDF, Kindle or EPUB formats to be readable on virtually any device.

From the website:

eFiction started as a small group of writers and fiction-enthusiasts getting together online to share stories. It has exploded into a global fiction phenomenon. eBooks are taking over the world and eFiction is leading the charge. The best authors on the internet collaborate to produce eFiction for your reading pleasure.

With modern technology, everyone has a library in their pocket. You can read the classics whenever you want. But what if you want to read the latest, cutting edge fiction that no one has ever read before? eFiction is your way of staying up to date with the ever evolving style of fictional works.

We publish: Thrillers, Romance, Paranormal, Science fiction, Horror, and a myriad of combinations thereof.

Doug Lance emphasizes the promotional opportunity for all writers when he says, “Our credo is; Don’t take money from writers. In line with that credo, we offer free ad space (http://efictionmag.submishmash.com). We publish short fiction of most genres (erotica and blatantly offensive stuff is not our cup of tea). We also publish written book reviews and accept review copies of indie books for us to review.

For writers interested in submitting stories, there are a few basic guidelines including author’s name and email, word count, formats (.doc, docx, .rtf), standard serif font size 12-ish, single spaced. Authors can submit short stories, poetry, book reviews, essays, serial fictions, ads, even artwork. Participation with the eFiction community also helps submissions being accepted (e.g. tweets, likes, posts in workshop and blog).

This is what the upcoming calendar is looking for:

September 2011 – Open
October 2011 – Horror/Paranormal
November 2011 – Open
December 2011 – Family
January 2012 – Open
February 2012 – Romance
March 2012 – Open
April 2012 – Folklore
May 2012 – Open
June 2012 – Speculative Fiction
July 2012 – Open
August 2012 – Humor/Comedy

Please check out eFiction. They focus on Indie authors who have no representation or traditional publishing deals, supporting the underdog and coming from underdog status themselves.

Follow on Twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/efictionmag

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/eFiction

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