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write and shareWrite and Share is a fairly new site designed to help writers and readers network with each other and beyond. It was started by Naomi Chance, a writer who finished her first novel in 2010 and then ran into challenges/road blocks with what to do next (sounds very familiar). Naomi started Write and Share to promote not only her own writing but also that of others in similar situations, and now the site’s primarily geared to discovering unpublished writers and Indie authors.

From their site:

Write & Share is a FREE site for writers and poets who are looking to promote their work, improve their writing and get published. As a member you can:

  • Create a personal profile to showcase your work.
  • Post your work to gain advice and tips on writing.
  • Share your experiences and help new and upcoming talent.

At Write and Share you can create a profile, upload an avatar and submit stories to be freely read. They also have sections for Writing Advice and general Forums. Naomi has created a great place to help all Indie authors, and hopefully the site will continue with a bright future.

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