The Reader’s Guide, For Kindle and Nook Readers

the Readers GuideThe Reader’s Guide is a blog updated multiple times per day with recommendations for new Kindle or Nook books. Browsers can peruse recommendations by genre and their preferred price range (free, under $1/$3/$5/$10 or over $10). Books are also categorized as Kindle Daily Deals, Amazon Bestsellers and Amazon Deals.

From their website: The Reader’s Guide publishes information on quality reads and bargain ebooks for both Kindle and Nook. The Reader’s Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC and Linkshare Affiliates Program – advertising programs designed for sites to earn advertising fees. Both price and availability are subject to change, and may differ depending on your country.

When asked how they go about making selections for books to promote, the site administrator said, “We watch for sales, newer ebooks, and ebooks that are well rated and recommended. Kindleboards is great for finding discounted books.” The representative also mentioned being flooded with recent emails for submissions (even though they don’t ask for them) and never having listed any non-fiction titles, although they just promoted their first with How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free.

What does this mean to Indie authors trying to market ebooks and paperbacks for Kindle or Nook? Good question. If you’re lucky (or clever) enough to get your books listed there, then it could be a great boost to sales.

Click here for the home page of How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free.
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