, Coming November 2011

bookstackreviewsHere’s a chance for Indie authors to get in on the ground floor at a review site that has potential (imho). Bookstackreviews hasn’t opening its doors yet, aiming for November, but they’re already taking submissions for books to be read/reviewed. It’s free for Indies and done through KDP Amazon. The manner in which they acquire the submission is unique, therefore it seemed a blog post was in order. Here’s how you submit to them from their site:

1) Head to and sign in.
2) Click “Actions” then “edit book details.”
3) Scroll down to part 5. Upload your Book file and click “Browse.”
4) Select the book file that you originally uploaded to Amazon and click “Upload.”
5) Once it has uploaded click “Preview” and then select “Download HTML.”
6) DO NOT click “Save and continue” or Save as draft. Just close the browser window. No changes have taken place.
7) Email that file along with your name, the book cover image, the book’s name and genre to
By following this method it ensures the book appears exactly as it would on Amazon. (Word or PDF documents will appear different than the Amazon version as we do review.)

A bonus for newbies is that this process gets writers familiar with self-publishing at KDP Amazon. No, you don’t have to actually publish your book on Amazon as it can simply be left in Draft status or even deleted after you’ve completed the submission to Bookstackreviews. Although it probably will need to be published before November when the site goes live. This submission method also keeps things consistent for the reviewers (probably many Kindle owners) who will be able to comment on the author’s formatting for ebooks as well.

The advent of e-publishing has enabled millions of new writers to publish books, especially ebooks, flooding the reading market like never before. It’s a good thing and a not-so-good thing depending on who you ask. The biggest complaints from readers are the ever-increasing number of bad books to sort through, books with typos, poor formatting, flow, plot, crappy writing in general. This results in screams for more Gatekeepers, trusted readers who identify the best Indies from those giving independent authors a bad rap. But who has time to read all those books? Instead of genuine reviews of Indie authors, many sites are happy to promote new books with reviews included that are typically copied and pasted from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. That’s why a venue like Bookstackreviews has potential since they seem to be prepared to write a genuine review including what they liked and didn’t like about every book.

Makes me wonder how many readers they employ or how they find them? Get ready for a flood of new submissions.

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