Indie Authors, Google Plus +1 Me

Google Plus badge Jason MatthewsAs a reminder to Indie authors, you’ll see it referred to as Google Plus, Google + or Google +1, and it’s the latest greatest social media site on the planet. There’s a previous blog post in a bit more detail here, and this time just wanted to remind writers, readers, publishing people alike to please connect with me. Just click on this link here –
And if you think this is a nifty badge, you can make one easily for your own sites at

However, some people might say, “Great, do I really need or even want to get involved in yet another social media site? Already feeling stretched as it is, y’know.” That’s an understandable feeling. But Google Plus is different and poised for good things in my opinion. It’s sort of the best of both Facebook and Twitter, although the design is presently just for personal profiles and not for businesses. Rest assured, Google is working on that and says business profiles should be active within a few months. The ability to separate friends, family, followers and other groups (like business contacts) into individual categories (who only see what you want them to see) is what makes Google Plus a savvy social media site. Over 20 million people have joined in a short time and many more are signing up everyday.

If you haven’t received an invitation yet, just send out an email to your pals and family asking for one. Someone you know should have invites to give. Everyone gets 150 invites to distribute, and most people have plenty left over so it shouldn’t be a big deal. If that doesn’t work out contact me at jason (at) thelittleuniverse (dot) com and I’ll get you in there as long as my invites hold out.

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2 Responses to “Indie Authors, Google Plus +1 Me”

  1. Carol Kimzey Says:

    Hello Jason,
    I bought your e-book “How to make, Market and sell ebooks” I love it and I am only half way through. I have a problem though – I would like to print it so I can be more organized when I’m working on my Mac, but I can’t print from my kindle. How do I get a print copy without buying it twice? I’m new to the Kindle – am I missing something?The links I’ve tried don’t work on my Kindle. Plus,I like to work with a hard copy when it comes to a lesson book and there’s a lot to learn in your book. I have a children’s book on Amazon- “Bunny Hop Bake-Off” and I am gearing up to build my own web-site with help from your book.
    Can you help me?
    Many thanks, Carol

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Hi Carol,
      Thanks so much for your comments and for buying my book. I have a deal with customers who want a free pdf copy for their computers, so I’m about to send one to you. Look for it from That way you can print sections, plus the links shouldn’t give you any problem. Which Kindle model do you have? The links should work on newer models. I haven’t actually bought the books for my Kindle and the samples don’t let hyperlinks work, but I want those links to work on your Kindle. Maybe I have to buy one!
      “Bunny Hop Bake-Off” sounds like a great book. I just checked it out on Amazon and love it. Let’s get 15 good tags for it, like children’s book, picture book, illustrated children’s book, etc.

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