Pixel of Ink, Free & Bargain Kindle or Nook Books

Pixel Of InkPixel of Ink features daily publishing announcements of free and bargain ebooks for Kindle or Nook. It’s a great site for both price-conscious readers and Indie authors. The blog is updated multiple times per day by administrator, Sharon Rosen, so if freebies and great deals sound good–you may want to subscribe to it.

The genre tags are: Business, Children’s Books, Christian Fiction, Cookbooks, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Nonfiction, Romance, Science Fiction and Young Adult. There’s also a page for Useful Links, an Author’s Corner where Indies can request to be featured or share success stories, and Recommended Resources for Writers.

From the Pixel Of Ink website, here’s what you’ll find for both the Kindle and Nook:

  • Free eBooks – both the Limited Time Offers and often forgotten but Popular Classics
  • Bargain eBooks that are highly rated (4-stars and up) yet a bargain at under $1, under $3, or under $5
  • Kindle accessories that are an absolute steal of a deal (i.e. 50% off or more)

Prices & availability are accurate at the time of posting and are subject to change, and may differ from one country to another.

Indie authors sometimes price books for free or 99 cents to generate lots of reader downloads. It is common for authors to experience hundreds to thousands of downloads each week their ebooks are available for free. Once a solid reader base has been established and a “buzz” has been generated, they can often raise prices and continue to have good sales.

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4 Responses to “Pixel of Ink, Free & Bargain Kindle or Nook Books”

  1. Kathy Hebert Says:

    ebook success
    Having a great time reading your book, Jason. My head is spinning with all the information. This will be my first book. Have a few more chapters to go. Thank-you so much for making this possible. – Kathy

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Good to hear, Kathy. And I can relate; it is an overwhelming experience at times. Fortunately you’re making connections with myself and others who will be very supportive along the way. Best wishes for you and your books. -Jason

  2. Paula G. Says:

    I have been getting Pixel of Ink for years now. (since they first came out) and for the past two days, nothing. What’s up?

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Not sure, Paula. The site seems to be working for me. Are you referring to their daily email? Perhaps it’s a New Years glitch on their part and you need to resubmit your info.

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