Amazon Author Central for Indie Authors

amazon author centralAmazon Author Central is a fantastic resource for Indie authors selling ebooks and paperbacks, which makes is surprising to find many writers not utilizing this free warehouse of tools.

If you have ebooks for sale on Amazon and you’re not yet using author central, the first thing to do is to create an author profile. This is what browsers will see when they click the hyperlink of your author name listed under all of your books on the product page. Believe it or not, many Indie authors haven’t filled in this information or have done so sparsely, and thus when someone clicks on their name the search results in either little about the author or, even worse, a list of books written by people with a similar name. By simply creating a profile and matching it to your list of books, any browser can learn so much more about you, which often leads to sales. Many elements can go into your profile: an author biography with website URLs (if you have them), at least one good photo and preferably more, a list of all of your ebooks and paperbacks, updates from your blogs (if applicable), your twitter feed and any related videos you might have.

1. Create a Profile – this will end up being found by many browsers on your book product page as a hyperlink of your author name and will read like this, Visit Amazon’s Jason Matthews Page. Once that’s done, you can Add Books to make the link work for all of them.

2. Now upload some photos, especially a face shot. I prefer doing multiple photos. Amazon prefers the photos are of you, but you can try adding family members or locations and see if it’s accepted.

3. Write a biography. I like keeping it short and sweet, but you can write more. Readers love a little info on the author. What else do you do? What motivates you to write? What issues are you working on? How can people contact you (no HTML but you can leave URLs)?

4. Add the feed to your blog or blogs. This will look something like or It will enable Amazon browsers to see your most recent posts and also give them the link to your blog and to subscribe/follow it. (If you don’t have blog, seriously consider getting one, even a free one with WordPress or Blogger.)

5. Add your Twitter account. This will post your latest tweets, so keep them interesting and/or appropriate for book browsers to see.

6. Add video if you have anything related to your book or just something that will allow readers to get to know you better. It could be anything as long as it helps people see the real you and want to check out your book.

7. Set up the Search Inside the Book feature, if it’s not already done.

8. Join Amazon Associates for making money on referral links to Amazon products (depending of which state/country you live in). It’s a great way to create links, banners, favorite badges and custom widgets like this carousel at one of my blogs.

There’s also good data for sales information by geography and a reviews page to quickly find all customer comments. See the FAQ’s page and Help page for more info.

Share your thoughts and comments.

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