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paperback dollsAlthough this blog usually reports on all things related to Indie authors who sell ebooks, an exception seemed appropriate for Paperback Dolls, an international site with impressive stats – 58,020 unique visitors and 87,584 page loads from May to December of 2010 alone. (Actually not that much of an exception since CreateSpace is my recommended place to self-publish with Amazon’s print-on-demand company, which is also free.) Paperback Dolls is composed of 10 ladies who simply love reading and writing reviews. What great names they have too. Noa, Day, Kitt, Desilula, Elvie, Mona, Suz, Lil, Believer and Alli each have varied backgrounds and tastes for reading, but they all love it and just might review your book.

How does an Indie author go about getting reviewed? From their website:

Authors, Publishers, and Publicists,
Thank you for considering Paperback Dolls.
Inquiry Time Frame:
All inquiries will be read within three days of submission, after which any acceptance confirmations will be sent. We apologize that we are unable to accept every inquiry, but please be assured that we are always happy to consider any and all new inquiries.
Genres We Typically Review:
Noa-Romance, Mystery, Thrillers, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Biographies, History, and Young Adult.
Day– *No longer taking review requests at this time.
Kitt– *No longer taking review requests at this time.
Elvie-Fiction, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Mystery.
Desi– Young Adult, Middle-grade, Childrens
Alli– Chick-lit, Women’s fiction
Suz– Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, Erotica (ebooks only)
Believer– Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Lil– Contemprary fiction, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

See their Review Policy for complete updates. A request for more info and a possible review was sent by me about a week ago, haven’t heard back yet so perhaps my genres didn’t excite them (understandable).

They also do Giveaways and allow space on their site for Advertisers and Affiliates. Really it looks like a perfect opportunity for writers of romance, paranormal romance, thrillers, young adult, urban fantasy and anything related to women in general. Just make sure to get some paperbacks made with CreateSpace if you haven’t already.

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