Dr. Angela Massey, Portrait of a Budding Indie Author

Dr. Angela MasseyThe best perk of writing a book on e-publishing is meeting so many Indie authors. For me, this has quickly become a collection of amazing people and new friends with stories that entertain, inspire and assist so many others. It’s a real pleasure getting to know even a little about them.

Dr. Angela Massey is one such person. We met recently after she joined our Facebook Group for Indie authors. Since Dr. Massey is still about to publish multiple books, she’s a perfect candidate for a before, during and after case-study on the entire experience of e-publishing. Hopefully, this profile of an Indie author is one that will have a very happy ending.

Q. Dr. Massey, tell us about your background.

A. I grew up in Newark, NJ in a blue collar family. Neither of my parents are college educated, but they were wise enough to instill in me the idea that I could do anything I wanted to do if I focused. My dad taught me early on that it’s always better to be your own boss. I can’t remember a time when my dad did not own his own business or when I wasn’t working in one of them! I waited tables in our restaurant, pumped gas during the summers at his gas station, and kept the books for his construction business. So it just seemed natural to find a way to duplicate what I thought was normal–becoming an entrepreneur. My mom gave me a love for words and how powerful they can be–either negative or positive–depending on how and when you use them. I was always reading, writing poetry, and I even tried writing my first book when I was 12!

Growing up in Newark, I witnessed a lot of apathy and senseless loss of the ability to dream and believe that life could be good. In fact, many of the people I grew up with are either dead, incarcerated, or living un-healthly lifestyles, i.e., drug addiction, and the like. I was inspired by my high school counselor, Mrs. Moore, to become a public speaker, and it was at her insistence that I spoke in front of 300 people at a city-wide Youth Against Drugs Rally when I was a junior in high school. The crowd seemed to hang on my every word, and I felt like I had inspired them to see a life outside of drugs, welfare, and poverty. It was one of the most exhilarating things I’d ever done! So from that, I knew I wanted to help people.

Q. Wow, that really is inspiring. Good for your parents too, raising you with those ideals. What is your doctorate in?

A. Biblical Studies. I am an ordained minister, which compliments my speaking career nicely.

Q. How has “gapology” come about? (I just looked it up and discovered this is a real term.) How did you get started, how long have you been working in the field and what are some of your experiences?

A. I was driving through the scenic back roads of Vermont headed to Albany–meditating on what my elevator speech should be. You know, how do I tell people what I do in 30 seconds or less? It came to me that I’m a gap closer! For instance, I had been teaching a public speaking class that week and saw over 100 people within a 5-day period. Those people came to me in various mental states, ranging from the fear of standing in front of others to “I’m good, but how do I get better?” Throughout our time together, I gave them tips, strategies, and techniques that closed their public speaking gaps. In other words, at the beginning of the day they started at point A with a strong desire to get to point B and no concrete way to transition. I helped them do that. So anyway, I meditated on the name “The Gap Closer,” and realized that’s it! My USP (Unique Selling Proposition)! My brand! It sums up so well what I do when I speak, teach, train, and coach. And while on paper, I’m the owner and president of Life On Purpose LLC; I’m really an expert gapologist standing ready to help people close their gaps. Did you know that gapology is a real word? Yep, it is. Double-Tongued Dictionary defines it this way: n. the study or discussion of marked differences between groups, viewpoints, or situations. Also, gapologist, a person who studies such differences. However, I don’t just study gaps; I help people apply specific strategies to close those gaps. I’ve been helping people close their personal and professional gaps for the last 12 years, and if I count my ministry, it’s been closer to 20 years.

Q. This is good stuff, Dr. Massey. I see on your website a book titled, Manifest Your Dreams. Is that the main book you have coming out? Are there others?

A. No, “Manifest Your Dreams” is more of a report outlining some strategies people can use to get more of what they want out of life. My main book (which may or may not be a Kindle book) will focus on the success principles I’ve learned along the way, and how I’ve been able to manifest a career I love, and a lifestyle I’ve always wanted. I want people to know that if I can do it, they can, too! I’m a writer, and sometimes that’s a curse! I have a novel about 3/4th of the way complete. It’s a “if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right” kind of a story line. When will it be done? When the characters tell me they’re finished telling their story! Right now, they aren’t talking and I think that’s because I’m so focused on getting this Kindle book done. What you and your readers can follow me on right now is my Kindle book: “How to Interview to Get the Job You Want.” That’s what’s on the front burner these days. Oh, and I have written a book called “Going the Distance — Success Strategies for On-line Students.”

Q. I know how it can be when those novel characters stop speaking. Sometimes you just have to do other things until they get chatty again. Tell us, what is the focus of your book pertaining to manifesting?

A. The focus is how do I get what I want. For the past few years there’s been much discussion on the Law of Attraction, yet many people struggle with the concept and how to make it work for them.

Q. Definitely another gap to close. I can relate to trying to use the Law of Attraction and not always feeling like it’s working. So how do you plan to market your books and who do you see as your primary readers?

A. My primary audience for the interview book are people looking for jobs, people who have been invited for an interview and need to know how to integrate the power of emotional intelligence into the process. I will use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, YouTube, and other social media platforms. I haven’t gotten that far in your book yet, Jason! I’m also thinking about putting on a few GAP-inars (your readers know them as webinars) where I will teach some of the content of the book and then offer it to my listeners. Of course, I’m going to force my family and friends to download it just because I said so!

Sounds like a full plate. If anyone can do it, I’m certain Dr. Angela Massey can. In the meantime before her book comes out, Dr. Massey can be contacted through her website – http://www.drangelamassey.com/. This blog plans to stay in touch with her during the e-publishing process, so look for updates in the future as we wish her the best of success. Hopefully her work can help millions of people, which seems very likely to me.

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