October Indie Author Threads at Amazon US & UK

monthly indie author threadThe October Indie Author threads have just come out for Amazon US and UK. These posts come out monthly and are among the few places at Amazon forums for Indies to self-promote without ruffling too many feathers of Kindle readers who get (understandably) tired of dozens of daily threads for self-promotion.

The big questions is, do these threads help Indie authors sell ebooks? The answer–yes, to some degree. Don’t expect a whirlwind-like vortex of sales during the month your ebook is advertized there, although it can definitely generate sales, which is always a good thing. Occasionally a reader will leave a post saying she/he just downloaded the sample or even bought a book, which tends to excite all the authors following the post.

Some tips for making the most of your effort:

  • Keep your attendance there brief. No need to get addicted to the place or the Kindle forums in general. It’s smart to frequent these places as with any social media site, but addiction can be a waste of time. Spread your energies around to other venues like Goodreads, Kindle Boards, Nook Boards, Facebook, Google Plus, Red Room, etc.
  • Write a great blurb on your book, like a 15-second elevator pitch. Hook potential readers quickly while avoiding anything that comes across as being long-winded.
  • Use the Insert a Product Link feature in the comment box so readers can click a link that says The Title of Your Book instead of something like this: http://www.amazon.com/The-Little-Universe-ebook/dp/B0030EFXX2/.
  • Repost at least twice during the month or as frequently as once a week. If you have multiple books, it might be better to spread out individual posts for each book rather than lump them all together (even though that’s my lazy method). The threads can get several pages long so your book won’t always be seen by readers scrolling through pages. Do not spam your message every day, but coming back weekly or so will give it more visibility.
  • Be courteous and professional when responding to any comments made about your book. Things have a way of spiraling downhill fast in these forums, especially if you ever become confrontational with a reader or defensive over a review. Put on your best face at all times and remember than not everyone will love your book.

The Amazon US version is here in the Meet Our Authors forum.

The Amazon UK version is in the main Kindle forum since regulars still haven’t complained enough to ban this thread to some other locale. That could change in time. Maybe Brits are more tolerant to self-promotion?

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