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indie books blogIndie Books Blog is a great site for authors to submit books and for readers to find new talent. Started back in June of 2010 by author, Scott Nicholson, an extremely productive indie in his own right, the blog markets his books as well as hundreds of others, typically featuring a new author and book each calendar day. One of the nice things about the self-publishing community is the widespread concept of helping each other, like the spirit of a rising tide lifting all boats. This site accomplishes that. Readers are always looking for new books, often undiscovered gems, and so the indie community benefits both readers and its authors by sharing the works of everyone.

Of course, not all of the books are terrific. To be blunt, some indie books are plain awful, which is a common complaint in places like Amazon Kindle forums. But there are many diamonds to be found among the rough. Scott puts it this way at his site; “Since I don’t have time to read and review a ton of books, this blog is more of a central showcase where you can meet new authors, learn about new releases, and get some links to learn more about the work or author if you are interested. While minimal attempts will be made to vet content, each writer must stand alone, and each reader must make a wise choice of whether or not to purchase.”

Interested in being featured on the site? Authors need only complete a simple 4-answer questionnaire and include cover art, bio and product description. Full details can be found at the Get Featured page. They also have a Twitter account to see updates on new features –!/indiebooksblog.

Sounds good to me. Think it’s time to see if they’ll feature The Little Universe and find out if it brings any new readers.

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