Kindle Italy and Kindle Spain, Amazon Europe Expansion Continues

Amazon ItalyKindle expansion in Europe continues with the latest additions of Amazon Italy and Amazon Spain. My KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) report now shows sales for the new comers with designations of and .es to go along with .com, .uk, .fr and .de (Germany). It’s also in Japan with as the suffix. Coming soon to a nation near you.

How to check if my Kindle ebooks are already available in these countries? Simply find your book’s URL, like this one for example – and change the dot com to the appropriate country suffix, like Italy’s and the link becomes That works for all countries where Amazon exists. Keeps it easy.

As an American Indie author, what do I need to do to make my books appear on Amazon at all these other nations? Absolutely nothing. That’s the best part. The retailer automatically takes care of this so if your book is not showing up, contact customer support at KDP Publishing right away.

If you live in another country and write in English, then your books should be made available everywhere Amazon exists. If you write in a language other than English, then probably not.

Last I checked, Italians speak Italian and Spaniards speak Spanish; why would they want to read my English language Kindle book? Many won’t of course, but some will as English is the most common second language on Earth with over 600 million non-native speakers, some of whom also read English.

What’s the chance of sales in other countries if my book is written in English? Well, sales likely won’t be great. My sales in France and Germany have been rather dismal, but they have occurred. Even my sales in the UK are pathetic compared to those for the US so it might be a matter of time to “break in” to another country.

Amazon SpainThis is why I love Amazon so much. This company has done more for Indie authors than any other retailer. They give 70% royalties to the author (provided your ebook is priced $2.99 to $9.99), they take care of all transactions and make direct deposits to bank accounts, and they continually expand and offer our books to readers all over the world.

Now I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for that first sale in Italy or Spain.

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4 Responses to “Kindle Italy and Kindle Spain, Amazon Europe Expansion Continues”

  1. John Haines Says:

    All the above is true, no doubt about it, but there’s a little more. Market specifically to all of the other countries that have Amazon / Kindle regions. It is not Spam to enthusiastically let people know you are there, and the books still have to be good anyway, so do use Twitter and use the alternate links for the books for that country, (.de , .es , .it etc) Let your pals on Facebook know too, you know what people are like, what we’re all like, we’re all inquisitive – to be nice, nosy – to be cynical, but friends of friends of friends will trawl through endless lists just to have a poke around in an entirely different circle of friends, hey presto, ” … look at this fella, Bill from Cleethorpes, he’s got a fantasy book on Kindle, I’ll bag that . . .” that sort of thing. No guarantee of sales of course, but unless you target prospective customers, you won’t get many sales anyway.

  2. John Haines Says:

    He’s not from Alaska is he? Our side of the family here in Merseyside in the UK, and the German ex-pats who sailed to USA / Alaska, are on the same page of the family tree in the late 1700s.

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