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Biblio ConnectionBiblio Connection is a great site for anyone with a passion for books. It’s literally brand new, launched less than a month ago on November 13th of 2011, and quickly gaining members comprised of readers and authors doing what they do–sharing the love of the written word.

Their mission: Biblio Connection is a social community for collectors of antiquarian, rare, first edition and signed books, and all book lovers alike. Our goal is to connect and encourage interaction between readers, authors, book sellers and collectors… By connecting bibliophiles–collectors, readers, authors and sellers–the experience is truly enhanced. Collectors can post listings in the classifieds, locate, trade and find information about books. Authors can introduce their latest works, post listings and participate in giveaways. Sellers can network with readers and collectors. Maybe you offer specific restoration, binding or location services that may be useful to collectors. The various features provide all book lovers a way to share the passion.

It’s designed to be so much more than just a place to talk about what you’re reading. It’s the site for everything related to books under one roof.

For Indie authors interested in promotion, simply fill out a Featured Bookseller Application.

You can meet people like Mark Cotter, co-founder of Yeoman’s in the Fork, a rare book and document gallery located in historic Leiper’s Fork, TN. Mike has over a decade of experience and has been featured on several TV spots including regular appearances on Discovery Channel’s hit show, Auction Kings.

There are posts written by featured authors, like Eileen Schuh and yours truly, discussing the ins and outs of the publishing business as well as tips for self-publishing.

Sections of the site are dedicated to forums and even classified ads to go along with the expert articles. They’re also developing a Just 4 Fun zone with giveaways, book quizzes and quotes by authors. Members can join existing groups and even create their own. I just started a group for Indie authors and readers who support them called I Love Indie Books. Feel free to join the group and post links to your own books or Indie works that you enjoy.

I’m impressed by the unique things Biblio Connection is doing as a social media venue. Remember, since the site is less than a month old, now’s the best time to become a member and contribute at the ground level. As new members join, your forum posts and articles will be the first things people see.

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