Ccebooks, Brand new Site promoting Indie Authors and Their Ebooks

Ccebooks is a brand new site dedicated to promoting Indie authors and their books. Now is a great time to get in at ground level and establish a bookmark for your ebooks and links to retailers for purchase.

From their site; Welcome to ccebooks. We are a new venture aimed at promoting the best of contemporary fiction and non-fiction. We allow you to access any number of ebook publishers and their authors from one central site. We are a brand new site presently looking for new authors to populate our pages. If you are already published on a eBook site but find that you are struggling against the big names to get noticed then this is where you can beat the rankings!

Here’s a list of the current genres, and my guess is that this list is expanding.

  • Action and Adventure
  • Adult Fantasy
  • Fantasy
  • General Fiction
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Supernatural
  • Thrillers

If you are interested in submitting your books to the site, there aren’t a lot of hoops to jump though. This is what they tell you to do:

Send the relevent details to;

1.) The title of the work

2.) A description of up to 4000 characters in length

3.) A thumbnail cover page in jpg format, 200x140px

4.) Copy and paste the link to your book at its hosting website

For example,

You may have several of these if your ebook is published on multiple sites. You are welcome to include them all.

You will be sent a notification by email when your entry goes live.

Please note that you should NOT upload the work itself. This is because is an indexing and promotional site whose purpose is to bring readers attention to works which would otherwise would be ranked too low to show up in searches of the publishers’ own sites.

You can also register as user with and submit content from your contact page. Once you have registered, select Admin> My Account>Contact. Send to the email address below.

There are no charges of any kind for submitting work to

No Charges? Sounds good to me.

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2 Responses to “Ccebooks, Brand new Site promoting Indie Authors and Their Ebooks”

  1. RyFT Says:

    This looks interesting, but when I reduce my cover image to their required 200×140 pixels, my image gets all grainy (Smashwords likes 800×500 pixels) I’ve tried both raising and lowering my resolution, with no satisfying results. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      Yeah, I had the same issue with them and emailed days ago asking if anything could be done. Not sure I’ll hear back and am not too concerned though it would be nice. Makes me wonder if the authors with clear covers there just attached large images in their submissions.
      -sent from my Motorola Xoom

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