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Authors On ShowIndie writers should know about Authors on Show, which was nominated as one of the best writing sites in the world last year and finished in the top twenty. The site makes a real effort to showcase talented new writers, those hidden gems flying under the literary radar, and help them achieve any publishing goal.

A description of their mission from the source;

We are a site that promotes unpublished authors looking for an agent and those who are unpublished or self-published and seeking to secure a traditional publishing deal. We have recently also been promoting self-published authors to give them a helping hand in being seen, but are now reverting back to the original role of helping those who are unpublished.

We have two sites; Authors on Show is the main one and AOS is the Blog for daily postings and the archives of all the authors we have promoted over nearly two years.

Indie authors are renown for their altruism with other writers, and this site exemplifies the Indie spirit. The focus of its members is primarily recognizing the talents of others and sharing publishing tips rather than self-promoting at all costs, which is the aspect of the site that makes it so unique (in my opinion). Who are the fine authors behind the scenes?

Lorraine Holloway-White of AOSLorraine Holloway-White is the founder of Authors on Show and currently promoting MM Bennetts. Now busy with her spiritual work, which has taken off in a much bigger way than she anticipated, Lorraine has handed over the general day to day management to Ian, Emmett and Lori.

Born a natural medium and healer in the UK and a Roman Catholic, Lorraine is not a spiritualist and disagrees with most spiritualist teachings about mediumship. On her blog, she answers questions from anyone who wants to learn more.

Lorraine is the author of A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing, A Sceptical Medium and How To Know If You’re a Medium, available as paperbacks or Kindle through her Amazon page – and in the UK –

Ian Smethurst of AOSIan J. Smethurst is a British science fiction novelist, with two published titles under his belt, E.D.F Chronicles : The Krenaran massacre and its sequel, E.D.F Chronicles : E.D.F Resurgent. He’s currently promoting Tish Thawer.

With the help of the other staff members, Ian intends to take Authors on Show back to its essence, championing the new writer working hard to hold that coveted publishing contract in her/his hand.

Ian’s books can be seen at his Amazon page – and in the UK –

Lori Anne Carrington of AOSLori has written The Wrestling Babe internet column part time since 2003, is a former music reviewer for Indie Music Stop, and pens several other works which appear in both print and web media. She’s currently promoting Alisa Statman. One of her recent freelance articles, An Overview of Causes of Hearing Loss and Deafness, was licensed by Internet Broadcasting, the leading provider of Web sites, content and advertising revenue solutions to the largest and most successful media companies.

Lori resides in the Pittsburgh, PA area, where she writes as a guest blogger for Slush Pile Reader and Paparazzi Publishing. She is also the Pittsburgh Examiner’s etiquette columnist and a book reviewer for Free Press (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Lori wrote The Cruiserweight, seen at her Amazon page – and in the UK –

Emmett Delaney of AOSE M (Emmett) Delaney is a freelance writer, historian and soon-to-be self-published Indie. His novel, The Write In, will be available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback in January 2012 and from his site –

E M spent most of his professional life as a Collateral Recovery Agent (Repo Man). His memoirs, in which he has based another book, The Take-Back Man: The True Life Story of the Repo Man, are currently being shopped through traditional means for agent representation. Delaney refers to himself as a graduate of ‘The University of Hard Knocks,’ often making the claim that it was his unique life experience that contributed to his ability to tell the stories he tells. Emmett is currently promoting Kellie Wallace.

Susan Roebuck of AOSSue Roebuck is from the UK, now living in Portugal with her husband. She taught English at colleges in Portugal and has recently creating e-learning courses, also known as “teaching in your pajamas.” These days writing has become her full-time occupation which, Sue says, is a dream come true.

Her first novel, Perfect Score, is a finalist in the 2012 EPIC e-book Awards. It also had an honorable mention in the  2011 Rainbow Awards. Her horror short story, An Act of Kindness, has recently appeared in a charity anthology called After Dark. Her latest novel, a dark thriller, is to be published by Etopia Press in early 2012. Sue’s personal blog – aims at authors helping other authors.

See more at Sue’s Amazon page – and in the UK –

For Indie authors interested in submitting work to Authors on Show, see the submission policy at

To promote another worthy author on the site (or maybe even yourself), email

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4 Responses to “Authors on Show, Indies Recommend Other Authors”

  1. A Sceptical Medium Says:

    Thank you so much for this Jason. you’ve done us proud and I hope we can help many more authors secure an agent or deal as we did last year, Lorraine

  2. L. Anne Carrington Says:

    Thanks so much for your feature! I feel honored to be included!

  3. SEEN This Week 1/16/11 | The Book Shelf Says:

    […] and Sell Ebooks – All for Free wrote an excellent article January 12 about Authors On Show: Authors on Show, Indies Recommend Other Authors.  Special thanks to Jason Matthews for a fine job in writing the […]

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