Monday Writer’s Hangout Google Plus, 6pm PST

writers hangoutLast Monday we hosted the first series of Monday Writer’s Hangout on Google Plus, an hour spent chatting about writing, our books and the self-publishing business in general. We didn’t have quite as much fun as the folks in this Zach Manchester Creative Commons photo, but it went so well we decided to make it a weekly event.

Authors young and old, experienced and newbie are welcome to join us, ask questions and lend their expertise to the group knowledge-base. Subjects which may get discussed:

  • ebook formatting
  • selling on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple
  • finding good editors/cover designers
  • KDP Select
  • Smashwords
  • websites and blogging
  • selling with PayPal and Shopping Carts
  • social media tips for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus
  • how to get reviews and more…

Look for our writer’s hangout on Google Plus every Monday at 6pm PST (California), which is 9pm EST. Until I discover a better way, for those interested in hangin’ with us it’s best to get added to my writer’s circle on Google Plus by leaving a comment in this blog post below. Leaving a comment helps me distinguish writers from spammers, because some people spam my G+ profile with cirlce-adds and get ignored. After leaving a comment, visit my G+ profile and add me to your circles –

Having trouble calculating 6pm California time? Try this world clock –

If there’s a better way to announce a G+ hangout schedule, let me know in the comments too.

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2 Responses to “Monday Writer’s Hangout Google Plus, 6pm PST”

  1. abagola Says:

    Would love to find a writing hangout or two =]

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