Indie Authors of Authonomy

A Circle In The WoodsWant to find some great books from writers who frequent Authonomy? The best of the best new talents whom Harper Collins just doesn’t know what to do with? Now there’s a site dedicated to these gems. It’s called Books from Writers at Authonomy–The Best of the Best eBooks and Paperbacks, managed by Winston Chad Emerson, fellow Authonomite and author of A Circle in the Woods.

Here you’ll find a growing list of self-published and traditionally published titles from the best writer’s workshop in the world, Authonomy, hosted by HarperCollins-UK.

Every book listed here comes from a long-time member of Authonomy, “an online community of discovery where writers become authors.” Ranging from thrillers to chick lit, how-to books to science fiction, this ever-expanding catalog has something for every reader.

It really does, and it will keep getting better as more discover it. Visit the site today at

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4 Responses to “Indie Authors of Authonomy”

  1. winstonemerson Says:

    Reblogged this on The Object and commented:
    Check out Jason Matthews’ blog entry regarding our Squidoo lens list of self-published and traditionally published titles from the HarperCollins writer’s website Authonomy!

  2. Catana Says:

    Neat coincidence. I just came from looking over my Authonomy rank and checking into the forum for new topics. I haven’t been there long, and I’m finding it interesting and useful. Finding really good books is difficult, but not much different from doing it anywhere else on the web. But there’s gold in them there hills, even if Harper Collins doesn’t do much digging for it. It’s nice that someone is trying to highlight the good stuff, even if it somewhat of a commercial effort. After all, most people join Squidoo to make a few bucks. If they do good in the process, more power to them.

  3. winstonemerson Says:


    Revenue generated from this lens goes into the Squidoo charity fund, so readers aren’t just helping starving writers–they’re also helping starving children! =)


    • Catana Says:

      I’m glad to know that, but I certainly wouldn’t begrudge the lens owner some profit from his work. I tried Squidoo some time back and had forgotten that income could be assigned to a charity. I also know that it takes dedication to work up a good lens and keep it going.

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