New Site, Indie Books Worth Reading

Loveless by Jennifer MarkoAs the publishing world evolves from traditional domination to more and more Indie authors popping up every day, there’s a growing need for gate-keeping sites, readers and reviews to bring promising new books to our attention.

Indie Books Worth Reading has recently been created by author, Jennifer Marko, a Canadian writer of Young Adult Mystery. Ms. Marko is also a regular at Authonomy, a writer’s site run by Harper Collins where writers become authors and participants can help great books get published.

What’s interesting to me is how quickly many authors are deciding that sites like Authonomy are not necessarily the best place to get discovered traditionally, but they are a fine place to network with other authors and build community leading to the same ultimate writing goals: publishing and readers. In this case the method is e-publishing, and the reader’s buzz spreads mostly by word of mouth and social media rather than big budget advertising.

Indie Books Worth Reading is a Pinterest Site, which means it’s an online pinboard designed for users to organize and share things they love. Free to join, simply give your email to the Request An Invite button. Surprisingly, there’s a “waiting list” before they accept you; not sure if this is for some background checking or simply to add intrigue to the social media site. Once accepted, you can actively add pins and browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. Design your home’s interior, plan a wedding, dress for success or share your new favorite Indie author books.

And be sure to check out Loveless by Jennifer Marko, available at Amazon.

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One Response to “New Site, Indie Books Worth Reading”

  1. Shalini Boland Says:

    Okay, it looks like my evening is going to be spent checking out Pinterest. Thanks, Jason 🙂

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