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Jessica Haynes of Life With JessicaLife With Jessica is dedicated to changing and improving lives. The site is run by Jessica Haynes, a woman renown for her work with business leaders and celebrities worldwide, assisting individuals to accomplish goals and actualize dreams. Author of soon to be released, Get What You Want Now, Jessica specializes in business development and relationships, though her reach goes far beyond that. From the site;

Whether you are getting started on the path of finding your purpose, focusing on a new relationship, advancing a career opportunity, building a better life, Jessica offers proven strategies and solutions that work.

I can attest from first-hand experience that Jessica is the real deal, that her advice is right on the money. When we met back in 1997, I was nowhere near realizing my potential. I was stuck living paycheck to paycheck, working difficult manual-labor jobs, living in a crummy apartment, not dating, dreaming of a better life with no idea how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. Jessica instantly saw the “inner me,” which was ready to come out. What’s more, she gave me a concrete plan for how to get there. Hard to believe it’s been fifteen years since we met, and the difference from the old “me” to the new one is like night and day. Now I am realizing dreams and thrilled with what’s happening everyday, plus it feels like the road ahead is clearly laid out.

Lauren C. FrahnAt the website,, you’ll find an array of experts freely offering fantastic advice to help with so many areas. From people like fitness expert, Lauren C. Frahn (right), to Hollywood producer, Mellisa Tittl, to entrepreneurial wiz, Barbara Bigford, to e-commerce guru, Lewis Brown Giggs, and many more, there is something of interest for everyone at the site. I urge you to visit, leave a comment, introduce yourself to Jessica and the experts, make connections and get going toward your aspirations.

Jason Matthews at Monterosso Al Mare ItalyIt’s my great honor to be a recent addition to the expert panel there. My articles focus on the Indie Author experience, e-publishing and writing in general. Please visit me at Life With Jessica, leave a comment, help us get to know you, and peruse the entire site for all the benefits it holds.

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2 Responses to “Life With Jessica – Indie Author Expert”

  1. howdoesmyvegetablegardengrow Says:

    How timely your post is on this subject – just the sort of thing I am after. Will head over to Jessica’s site. Thanks!

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