Indie Author Progressions with Dr. Angela Massey

Interview Skills How to Get Hired NOW Quick Job Interview Success TipsIn September of 2011, I interviewed Dr. Angela Massey in a post entitled, Portrait of a Budding Indie Author. At the time, Dr. Massey was finishing up her first book, which would complement her work as a gapologist, one who helps others close the gaps that keep people from accomplishing goals. Back in September, Dr. Massey was just about to enter the world of e-publishing. That was then–this is now. Dr. Massey has released her book, Interview Skills: How to Get Hired NOW! Quick Job Interview Success Tips in both Kindle and paperback editions with Amazon.

Here it is about six months after the first interview and time to check in with Dr. Massey to see how things are going with a blossoming Indie author.

Q: Dr. Massey, what made you decide to get this book out there and when did that happen?
A: As you know, Jason, I am a corporate trainer, motivational speaker, and life/business coach–a career that affords me the opportunity to travel and meet people from all walks of life. And because I wholeheartedly believe in the Law of Attraction, I believe that we make our own economy. In other words, I don’t buy into the gloom and doom about our economy, or that you can’t make money, or that you can’t get a job in this economy, etc. However, at least 80% of the people I meet believe just the opposite. So, I grew weary of hearing things like “my husband has been unemployed for a year. He gets called for the interviews, but he doesn’t get the job!” I decided to write a guide to help people with the interview process. My book is very focused; consequently, it allowed me to target a specific group of people and to help them make their lives better.

Q: What was the biggest challenge (or challenges) to overcome in the entire writing/publishing process and how did you get beyond it?
A: That’s easy! My biggest challenge was my tendency to procrastinate! I wrote this book in early 2011, but procrastinated in getting it published because the whole idea of doing it all myself was quite daunting. So, I did what all procrastinators do–I played Party Poker! How did I get beyond it? I reminded myself that party poker chips don’t pay the bills (I never play for real money), and that if I didn’t finish this project, I would be responsible for someone NOT getting a job. Also, Jason, I am very competitive and one of my speaker friends had written a self-help book but had not finished it. I decided I wanted to get mine published before she got hers published. I know, that’s bad, huh?

Q: (Sounds like a little competition = motivation.) Your book and business help people find work. What are some of the main reasons that cause people to have trouble landing their dream job?
A: First, many people don’t believe they deserve their dream job. They’re so focused on their fears and insecurities, they give up on dreaming for the job, the lifestyle, the relationship–life! I mention this in my book: Thoughts become things. That means that first we must change our thoughts so that we can change our lives. In fact, because I know this is a FACT, I devoted an entire chapter to mental preparation: mindset, belief systems, and affirmations. I’m striving to get people to understand that if you believe it on the inside, it must manifest on the outside.

Q: Have people found great jobs since reading your book?
A: Yes. I received an email from a lady who purchased my book and experienced phenomenal results. She even wrote two reviews on Amazon! Initially after getting my book, she implemented the advice in the summary up front section. She reworked her resume based on my interviewing advice, and got three interviews. Then, she went back and read the whole book (isn’t that funny, but so typical?) to prepare for the interviews. She landed the job she wanted and negotiated the highest salary! Another reader read my book, made a leap of faith, and decided to pursue her real dream of becoming an actress. She’s doing voice-overs in NY now, and contacted me to do a documentary on fear. What strikes me about this young lady is that the chapter on mental preparation helped her decide that she needed to live her dream!

Q: I see your book has been out for just over 2 months and it’s already doing very well. What’s it like to hear from readers who have been helped by the advice?
A: Humbling and gratifying. I do what I do because I want to help people. When someone sends me an email, or goes to my website and reaches out to me as a speaker/trainer/consultant, it makes me realize how short life is and how important it is to truly live your life on purpose. On of my favorite authors, Dr. Stephen Covey, discusses this point in his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. There’s a part in the book that challenges the reader to think about what people will say about you once you’re dead. It’s a little morbid, I know; however, it helped me to crystallize my life’s purpose. And for me, when it’s all said and done I want people to say “she helped me. She showed me the path to my own greatness. She changed my life.”

Dr Angela MasseyQ: You’ve been working as a Gapologist for awhile now. How has having a published book helped with your work?
A: It’s opened up another unexpected income stream. I have people who want to publish their book on Kindle and CreateSpace, but they don’t want to read and research to figure out how to do it. Just a few days ago, someone reached out to me on FaceBook and asked if I would help her. I sent her a link to your blog, invited her to join our group, and passed along several other resources. I also told her she could do it herself and do it for free. She didn’t want to! Instead she wanted to pay me to do it! WOW! I spent a couple of hours on her book and formatted it, did some editing, and made a tidy sum from my efforts. Plus, she told me that she had five friends who wanted their books on Kindle and could she refer them to me? You know what I said? ABSOLUTELY!

Q: You’re traveling like crazy as a Gapologist. Are event organizers any more receptive to hosting you now that you’re an author than before?
A: This published book has opened up many doors, Jason. I’m working with a group from Rochester, NY to create a Interview Bootcamp targeted to those baby boomer professionals who now find themselves unemployed. They cannot do what they did 20 years ago and expect to get a job. Things have changed. For example, understanding the role of Emotional Intelligence is critical to the successful interview, and knowing how to market yourself as well. I’m also using my book to get on college campuses to help graduates get hired.

Q: What advice do you have for people who are thinking of writing a book?
A: Write it! Believe that you can do and then just do it. Get rid of distractions, toxic people, and excuses and write it! Don’t concern yourself with how it sounds, if it’s good, etc. The beauty of being an Indie is that you can learn from others, tweak what you’ve done, and consequently, you’ll get better.

Q: Do you have more books in the works? If so, can you give us some details or tell us what the future holds?
A: I decided to create an Interview series. The next book is about how to answer Emotional Intelligence or Competency-based questions. It will follow my signature style: targeted, concise, no fillers, and no fluff! Once I get this done (no Party Poker for me!), I’ll finish my next project: “If You Don’t Like Your Life…Change It! 21 Ways in 21 Days to the Life of Your Dreams.” And before the year is out, I plan to put two more books on Kindle that I’ve written. They just need editing and formatting. The future is bright, Jason! I love being an Indie!

And I love following your progress, Dr. Massey. Sounds like another interview in about six months and more good news to report. Thanks for your time. (Find more from Dr. Massey at her website –

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