Indie Authors Unite–Site to Help Writers

Indie Authors UniteAltruism, as in unselfish regard or devotion to the well-being of the group, is probably the best attribute of Indie Authors. It’s amazing how many methods of support the self-publishing community have created to help other writers learn the business, network and ultimately sell books. Indie Authors Unite is another great resource as their slogan would suggest… writers helping writers.

From the site–If you want to become Self-Published or go with a Small Publishing House, you are going to have to do a lot of your own promotion.  Join us today and learn from those who are succeeding on the Indie path.  This venture was started to help others who wanted to become successful in their writing careers.  It’s never too early to start learning how to promote your work or to learn from others who are established in the career that you have chosen.

The site began in 2010 as a collaborative effort of about a dozen writers who met on Facebook and discussed ways to help each other, and thus help themselves, in the process. When creative minds get together–ideas spark, and it wasn’t long before the website became a reality. Today there are over 150 members and growing. One of the current site managers, Samantha Fury, fellow Indie author and friend introduced me to IAU. Samantha writes the Street Justice series including Tidal Wave and Charlie’s Angel, both available at Amazon.

“We’re a base for Indies to place links and blurbs for their books so readers can discover them,” Samantha told me. The way to do that is to join the site and fill out a membership form, which will help get you processed and added to IAU. Once accepted, they’ll post a profile picture along with links to your website and books.

They also have a Facebook Group and a News Updates site for the publishing industry, very informative. There is a forum, a link for contests and lots of book trailer videos for readers to see. Overall, this site really does a lot for Indie authors–nice to see the altruism continuing.

As the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

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9 Responses to “Indie Authors Unite–Site to Help Writers”

  1. Samantha Fury Says:

    Thanks so much Jason, IAU is growing, and doing our best to be a focal point for the Indie Authors. The forum is up and running, the web site is growing, and the face book page is very active. Daily we have new members joining. We are writers helping writers enjoying our time on the Indie road and helping others to grow and learn everything they can about the Indie experience. Out of the 12 there is three of us left. We three hope to keep building and working to make the site better.

    Thanks from the IAU Team
    Samantha Fury
    Linda Prather
    Valerie Maarten

  2. Georgina Anne Taylor Says:

    Great blog Jason. IAU is a wonderful group and I’m proud to be part of it too.

    Georgina Anne Taylor.

  3. Catana Says:

    I looked at this site many months ago and wasn’t impressed. And now it still has only 150 members? Doesn’t seem like much growth to me. The problem with self-promotion is that it really isn’t worth it to get involved with something that has few members and very little exposure. Sure, it’s a good thing to give other indie writers a boost, and I do that when I can, on my blog, but this organization seems so much the kind where a few writers sit around talking to each other and nobody else has any idea it’s even there.

    Despite my skepticism, I’ll give it another look-over and if it still doesn’t look to be worth the effort, I’ll bookmark it for another look some time in the future

  4. Alana Woods Says:

    I’m grateful for these sites that offer comradeship and help to authors at any stage along their publishing road but especially to those new to the process who need all the advice and pointers they can get. I belong to several and have gained from all of them and, as Jason says, you never know when that golden nugget is going to come along.
    So I’ve joined this one and thank the organisers for their work to make it useful. I also love taking part in the Indie Authors Google hangout each week that Jason and AC Cruz host. Each week it tackles another topic of interest to indie publishers and I’m learning so much from it.
    I’m a great believer in what goes around comes around.

  5. Rose Contreras Says:

    Jason, love your blog. I am an indie reader, aspiring indie writer. Can I please use your banner (indie writers unite) on my blog? it’s at, but i just started designing it, no content yet but you might get an idea. I’d love to borrow the banner. Thanks! Rose Contreras

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