Google Glasses–Ebook Killer? Nah, er maybe

Google GlassesGoogle Glasses–Project Glass–Internet Head–Google Goggles–maybe you’ve seen them. The space-age specks enabling you to go anywhere with the internet at your fingertips and eyeballs (assuming you want that) tend to elicit strong responses, polarizing many into camps of thought like heck yeah can’t wait to get mine to those who claim it a sure sign of the end of the world. My opinion is closer to the heck yeah camp. What are your thoughts?

Since the scope of this blog is typically for Indie authors and all things e-publishing, one of my questions was if people would eventually read this way. Seems logical enough. Think you could read an ebook with Google Glasses? Certainly someone will. If so, might theses goggles make Kindles and other devices obsolete just a short time after the majority of readers finally accept them? Probably not. By then, readers might complain that they simply prefer the old-fashioned feeling of hard plastic and e-ink in their hands.

There’s a Google Plus follow page for Project Glass, and yes, they are verified, go figure. Project Glass, really? Why can’t Google brainiacs come up with a decent name right off the bat? Remember their ebook store that came out–Google Editions, which was a dumb name too so they changed it to something really clever–Google Ebooks. Seriously, they need to get a writer on payroll. Google Goggles perhaps? Have a feeling they’re fighting that one tooth and nail.

Seems like just yesterday I was playing Classic Electronic Football that had tiny red lines representing players. Got to admit, it’s hard to imagine what another 35 years of technology could bring. One thing’s for sure in the here and now; several other R & D departments are probably scrambling to put something together comparable to Project Glass and fast. Apple? How about it?

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6 Responses to “Google Glasses–Ebook Killer? Nah, er maybe”

  1. Samantha Fury Says:

    I don’t think this means the end of time but I do believe in the Bible and think that some day time will end. But I would try them out, I think the DOT and the Police will have a field day trying to keep up with the accidents that will happen because of these things.. LOL!! Talk about not texting and driving what would something like this cause. The Idea is great but I don’t think it will ever work, it’s an accident waiting to happen. 🙂

    Still I’d try them, but I would do it in the safety of my own home. LOL!!!

    Samantha Fury

  2. Cisco Says:

    I really feel compelled to remind everyone that there was a point in time where binding pages together to a common spine with protective covers was radical and new.

    The idea that yet another means of easily accessing information signals the “end of the world” is bordering on childish, though anyone who ignores the massive (and disruptive) social ripples that something like this can produce is almost as foolhardy and short-sighted.

    As far as applications go, the potential use for fire/rescue, law enforcement and emergency medicine alone are mind boggling. And to Samantha’s comments above, I agree that the potential for abuse is vast, but the same can be said for alcohol. The base technology for this type of interface could easily be married to the new augmented reality technologies in development by others, allowing for a AR driving environment…. imagine the benefits of that in fog, rain, or show.

    Educational benefits for nearly all grade levels would be staggering. Though with the young usually leading the technology curve, I can easily see an electronic arms race between schools and kids who hack or modify their systems so that they can watch movies in class. I’m not willing to even guess who will take or hold the high-ground in that fight however. Only time will tell how much net effectiveness we will get out of it, but society would be fools not to try.

  3. Angie Russell Says:

    Wow, this is interesting news. Technology is greatly advancing. Just the other day I was watching on the news about the first ever flying car being released for sale to the public. Amazing. Whether we agree with the way technology is advancing or not, it’s my opinion that we should remain knowledgeable about it; educating ourselves about the upcoming trends. I really agree with Jason about Google needing to hire a writer. “Project Glass?” Really? That’s just plain laughable. I’d like to see how the glasses idea pans out. It could be the best thing ever, or something that never really fulfills a useful purpose, like HD DVDs (versus Blu-Ray).

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