Biblio Connection Adds Giveaways

Biblio ConnectionBiblio Connection just added a new feature: giveaways. Free book giveaways are a great way for members to connect, find out about new authors, try different genres and share the passion!  All of our giveaways and contests are listed here.

If you’re an Indie author with books to promote, why not do it? Biblio Connection is still a young site, growing daily and already has a lot to offer readers. Giveaways are a nice addition since people tend to gather like moths to flames when the word FREE is involved.

It’s a fine strategy to gift books, both ebooks and print, to attract readers. Freebies can generate momentum (buzz) and often extract a few precious Amazon reviews. I’ve done several forms of this, some with Goodreads and some for free on my own websites, and past experience has shown giveaways can work to attract thousands of readers–they love freebies–but the experience doesn’t always boost sales or buzz as authors hope it will. KDP Select is another form of harnessing the power of the freebie. Authors enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program pick 5 days out of the 3-month exclusive program to make their books free hoping it leads to thousands of downloads and “borrows,” which theoretically builds the coveted buzz and earns money from Amazon’s bonuses. The jury is still out on whether this is good business or not, and today everyone seems to be learning by experiment or by trial and error, from Indie authors to major retailers.

Little Universe by Jason MatthewsThe Little Universe, my blockbuster novel that has taken its own sweet time building buzz, is currently enlisted in the Biblio Connection giveaway section, 10 free ebooks ready to get into the hands and eyes of happy readers across the planet. Share the love, enter to win or add one of your books and let readers know.

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