Selling Ebooks on Amazon vs Barnes and Noble: Why Search Engines Matter

Why do some authors sell ebooks at Amazon so easily yet struggle to sell ebooks at Barnes and Noble? The answer might be since the search engine at Amazon works properly, while the search engine at Barnes and Noble is junk. This little experiment indicates book buyers who search by subject matter will have a much easier time finding what they are looking for at Amazon than at Barnes and Noble. (It also explains why I sell 39 Kindle ebooks for every 1 sale on the Nook.)

Did Microsoft just waste $600 million by bailing out Barnes and Noble? Perhaps so. Hopefully they have the brains to fix the search engine for buyers who want to find my books by subject matter. Get on that please, Bill Gates.

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4 Responses to “Selling Ebooks on Amazon vs Barnes and Noble: Why Search Engines Matter”

  1. Alana Woods Says:

    You tell ’em, Jason!

  2. Bryan Winchell Says:

    That’s pretty crazy, Jason! I wonder if there is anybody you could contact over at B&N to ask about/point out this problem with their search engine. It would be in their best self interest to make those searches more accurate. I think your short video is the best advertising for Amazon out there!

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      You’re right, Bryan. Instead of just making a video complaining about it, I should contact them. Sometimes the need for a blog post outweighs common sense.

      • Bryan Winchell Says:

        Ha ha—don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the video and found it very useful for us aspiring authors. I can imagine there are others out there who are looking at the Amazon vs. B&N sales numbers and wondering, like you did, what the heck is the deal? If they see your video, they’ll have their answer. Last, sometimes contacting the right person is A LOT easier said than done, especially in a big company like B&N. Anyway, if you do make any progress, perhaps you’ll have fodder for your next blog post!

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