Kobo Direct Uploads for Indie Authors Self-Publishing

Kobo logoKobo ebook retailer just announced Kobo Writing Life, a direct method for Indie authors and self-publishers to upload ebooks to the Canadian store’s cyber-shelves. It’s still in beta-mode and scheduled to be widely available by the end of June. Presently, Kobo is most commonly accessed by Indies via Smashwords.com or another distributor.

From their website:

How’s it work?

Bring us your Word documents, your Mobi files, your Text files! We’ll run your manuscript through our advanced open-source conversion process, transforming it into an ePub in a snap so it’s ready for instant publication to hoards of Kobo readers.

Read Freely? Write freely, too!

Unlike some self-publishing portals we could mention, Kobo doesn’t bind you to us. Publish to Kobo and take your ePub to your adoring fans, no matter where they might be. You’re free to sell your eBook the way you want.

From your computer to the world

Set up your free Kobo Writing Life account and start publishing right away. You won’t have to wait long for the accolades (and royalties) to start pouring in! Kobo Writing Life is launching soon. If you sign up now, you’ll be the first to know and get your eBooks out! Sign up link.

Okay, Kobo takes a shot at Amazon’s KDP Select program by mentioning they aren’t requiring an exclusive agreement. While I don’t like the KDP Select program either, pretty sure Amazon isn’t too worried. After all, Indies have the choice at KDP Amazon and besides, what took so long, Kobo?

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3 Responses to “Kobo Direct Uploads for Indie Authors Self-Publishing”

  1. Justin Tyme Says:

    Is there any advantage in going through Kobo directly as opposed to Smashwords? Would they offer an author’s page like Amazon?

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      The royalty you make should be slightly better from a direct Kobo sale without the Smashwords cut. And it’s possible they would offer an author profile, Justin. My advice is to do both if you can; have a Smashwords version and upload your own there too. I do that on Barnes & Noble because when Pubit first came out and I removed my Smashwords version on B & N, the sales plummeted. Not sure why but they did, so until B & N tells me I can’t have 2 versions there, I’m doing it.

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