Hugh Howey Wool Interview with Jason Matthews

Ever wonder what’s it like to be an Indie author and sell over 200,000 books? That’s what happened to Hugh Howey, author of the Wool series and the Molly Fyde series. Hugh sat with me on the weekly Indie Authors show at and discussed writing, publishing, movie contracts, agents and his decision to remain independent even though his books are #1 on Amazon in several categories. A must see video for indie writers and fans alike.

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2 Responses to “Hugh Howey Wool Interview with Jason Matthews”

  1. Monica Carter Tagore Says:

    Interesting interview. Loved what he said about the value of media. Social media has changed marketing in so many ways. It used to be that an author lusted after/dreamed of/pined for a spot on a morning news show or even in a large newspaper. Now, that same author may get a better response from a well-placed tweet by someone with a good following. Amazing!

    • Jason Matthews Says:

      That’s a great point and surprisingly true, Monica! Smart social media skills and creating your own bits of luck now and then can go a long way. Thanks for visiting.

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