Jimmy Thomas on 3,400 Romance Novel Covers

Jimmy Thomas graces over 3,400 romance novel covers and makes it easy for any Indie author to use his images. Check out this video for so much info on the subject and visit his website for contact, http://www.romancenovelcenter.com/

Jimmy Thomas is on more romance novel covers than anyone on Earth. He’s got great advice for Indie authors plus very affordable resources to create covers for your books with Jimmy on them! Pre-made covers, custom covers, so much information in one show. Featuring host, Jason Matthews and special guests, Jimmy Thomas of Romance Novel Center, graphic artist, Fiona Jayde and indie book reviewer, TJ Mackay.
Jimmy Thomas – http://www.romancenovelcovers.com/
Jason Matthews — http://www.thelittleuniverse.com
Fiona Jayde – http://fionajaydemedia.com/
TJ Mackay – http://www.indtale.com/
G+ Pages:
Jimmy Thomas – https://plus.google.com/u/0/117578944660952701044/posts
Jason Matthews – https://plus.google.com/117850331447734054313/posts
Fiona Jayde – https://plus.google.com/u/0/105036381451979623221/posts
TJ Mackay – https://plus.google.com/u/0/114115748314864197411/posts

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2 Responses to “Jimmy Thomas on 3,400 Romance Novel Covers”

  1. Deborah H. Bateman Says:

    This is a very interesting show. I would like to find a good cover artist for my books. I do Bible studies and am just starting to do something about self-publishing. Who would you recommend for these genres?

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