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Victorine E. LieskeVictorine E. Lieske knows ebooks. She’s a New York Times Bestselling Indie author, a fantastic cover designer, and an avid blogger for things related to publishing. She has sites dedicated to helping Indie writers achieve success like Why Isn’t My Book Selling? And she does all of this while running a busy household with four kids and a home-based business.

addicted to ebooksAddictedToEbooks is another Lieske creation, great for Indies to submit books and for readers to find diamonds in the rough. From the author;

I’ve always loved books, and the invention of the eReader was perfect for me. Now I can carry around all of my books in one little gadget. (I admit, I’m a gadget lover.) However, I quickly found out I could spend quite a bit of money on eBooks. This website is perfect for readers like me, who want to watch their book budget.

This website also allows the author to rate some of the content of their book. I want to know before I buy a book, what is the level of profanity, violence or sex within it. I’m excited that authors can now rate their books for the readers.

While we check the price of an eBook when we list it, prices do change quite often. Be sure to check the price before you purchase an eBook.

The Little Universe by Jason MatthewsMy novel, The Little Universe, has the honor of being a featured book today. There are some guidelines for submitting a book, namely theses:

1. Books must be$5.99 or less.

2. No Erotica at this time, sorry.

3. If it’s a short story, please be clear about that in the description.

4. Duplicate submissions are not allowed. Just submit a book once, thanks.

5. Books must have at least five reviews on the Amazon US website before you can submit.

6. After submitting your book, please share the website on Twitter and Facebook, and everywhere else you can think of to help spread the word. You’d want people to be sharing the website on the day you’re featured, so do the same for others!

At AddictedToEbooks, you can search for books by Content based on levels of profanity, violence and sex. You can search by Price and there is also a Free Kindle Section. It’s clearly one of the better sites I’ve seen for submissions, probably because it’s run by someone who cares about publishing and already has a large following. Makes sense to me. Stop by and submit a book or find a new gem to read.

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