Amazon UK and EU Direct Payments to Authors

UK flagIt’s been a long time coming. Authors in the UK and EU have long struggled with a better payment option from US based, typically the largest seller of their ebooks. In the past it was done with US checks that often needed gross amounts deducted by local banks to convert to local currency. This hasn’t been a problem for US authors, as EFT’s (electronic funds transfer) are the common method of payment resulting in direct bank deposits. Now authors in the UK and EU can get that too.

From Amazon:

KDP updates royalty payment options for UK and EU

We are pleased to announce Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has new payment options available. You can update your account starting today for royalty payments to be made in April, 2013. Your account preferences can be set to receive royalty payments electronically across all marketplaces in British pounds or Euros. In order to be paid by Direct Deposit, your bank account will need to be located in the United Kingdom or in Europe.

For more information,

A happy day for Indies and readers 🙂

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4 Responses to “Amazon UK and EU Direct Payments to Authors”

  1. Victoria Says:

    ebook success!
    Hi Jason,
    thanks to your book (How to Make,Market and Sell Ebooks) I’ve gotten started on a WordPress blog and am making very slow but steady progress. It’s at Looking forward to implementing more of your suggestions!

  2. noniesite Says:

    I’m an author with Amazon. 30% tax has been taken from any royalties I’ve been lucky enough to earn . It seems even though us Europeans fill out a WWBEN FORM we still pay this . Now I’ve learned if I apply for a AIN form my Tax will only be deducted at 5% is this correct?
    Many thanks

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